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Audit Trail

Propel has a complete audit trail for Quality Records, Training Plans, Changes, and Items. This great for customers who want to track the history of changes beyond the Salesforce Track Field History feature and retain the data indefinitely.

Propel Audit Trail

Defaults to on, and is used to populate the object's History tab. Stored indefinitely.

Applies to:  Quality Records, Training Plans, Changes, and Items

Available Reports:

  • Quality Audit Trail
  • Training Plan Audit Trail
  • Change Audit Trail
  • Item Audit Trail

Report Types include "Audit Trail".

In the event, that you want to disable the Propel audit trail, you can do it, but the History tab will not populate.

  • Go to Setup > Custom Settings
  • Click Manage for Configuration
  • Click the New button and set Name = "DisableAuditTrail" and Value = "true"
  • Click Save

Salesforce Track Field History

For any object, you can enable Track Field History and set up to 20 fields to track per object.

For example:

  • Go to Setup > Object Manager > select the object like Declaration
  • On the Details, see that Track Field History is enabled. If not, edit details to enable Track Field History
  • On Fields & Relationshps, click the Set History Tracking button
  • Check up to 20 fields to track and click Save

Applies to: All Salesforce objects

Report Types include "History".

Salesforce Setup Audit Trail

View the last 20 administrative changes for your organization or download data from the past 6 months.


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