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Spring '19 Release Notes

Revision: 3.8

Released: April 5, 2019



Additional Cost Details

  • Up/Down arrows to show how the cost has changed since the last cost entered

Trigger a cost roll-up for Items based on a date

  • Go to Items tab, select item(s), and click Calculate Costs. Enter the as of date and the system will roll-up the costs based on that date and store the totals. This is great if you have uploaded historical costs and want to calculate and store the rolled-up totals as of that historical cost date.


Require Affected Item Fields

  • Designate Affected Item fields to be required in specific phases of a change workflow.

Product Launch and Task Management

  • Create a new item directly from the edit and create Activity modal.
  • Activity status key added to the project timeline page.

Training Plans

Stop the flood of training emails; switch to training digest emails

  • Enable “Deliver Training Notifications” under Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Training Records
    • By default, the trainee will receive one digest email when a new assignment is assigned, when any of their open assignments is due in 3 days or today.
    • By default, the supervisor will receive one digest email when an employee has a new assignment assigned, or when any of the employee’s have an open assignment due in 3 days or today.
    • These are configurable for more frequent or less. For more details, see the “Custom Emails - Training Records” article in our knowledge base.
  • Deactivate Workflow Rules that send individual training emails (Training Assigned Supervisor, Training Assigned Trainee, and any other time-based reminders) under Setup -> Workflow Rules

PDF Generation based on a Word template

  • Generate PDF files based on Word templates
  • Extra services and recurring fee required, ask your account representative for details
  • Templates can include data from details, trainees, training items, open and completed training assignments

Admin Settings

Require a comment for approvals or rejections

  • Under Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> General Settings, there are two new options
    • Require a Comment on change/quality approval
    • Require a Comment on change/quality rejection

Specify required affected item fields to exit a phase. Added four new options

  • Required Affected Items fields: Add the API Name of the affected item field to require a value for all categories of items that are on the change in order to exist the phase
  • Required Category AI fields: Add the Change Category:API Name of the affected item field

Control visibility of item drafts and superseded revisions

  • New custom permissions “Hide Drafts” and “Hide Superseded. This is great for your read-only users to ensure that they only view the latest released revisions of items.
    • Hide Drafts permission prevents users from seeing any item drafts
    • Hide Superseded permission prevents users from seeing released revisions that are not the latest
  • Also, when a user is viewing an older superseded revision, there is now a banner across the top that shows that it’s superseded with a link to view the latest released revision.

Create new Change or Quality custom fields from the Change or Quality. Accomplish multiple admin setup steps in one simple wizard.

  • System Administrators can create new custom Change or Quality fields from a Change or Quality.
  • Custom fields can be category-specific or apply to all categories.


Completeness Checks

  • Ability to see by locale the percentage of attributes that have values
  • New reports under Propel User Reports for PIM Completeness to identify where you’re missing data

Required Attributes

  • Required Attributes: For Item Attribute fields, add the attribute name to the item phase to require a value in order to publish to that phase

Required SKU fields

  • Required SKU fields: For Item SKU fields, add the SKU field’s API name to the item phase to require a value in order to publish to that phase

Attachments Enhancements

  • Ability to flag a SKU-specific attachment as the Primary Attachment, which displays in the SKUs table, so you can more easily distinguish the SKUs
  • On the Item’s Attachments tab, there are now separate Item and SKU Attachments lists to more easily distinguish attachments directly on the item from SKU-specific attachments.

New Capabilities


Onshape Integration

Create new items, update attributes, create and update assemblies in Propel all within Onshape

  • Create items in Propel from Onshape and sync initial attributes.
  • Create link from items to corresponding 3d models in Onshape.
  • Bi-directional sync of part/item attributes between Propel and Onshape.
  • Create an Onshape document from an item in Propel.


Criteria-based Approvers

Create approval rules based on change/quality and affected item fields. Approvers are applied to the change/quality when rules are matched.

Product Launch and Task Management

Multi-Project View

  • View multiple projects and corresponding activities in a read-only mode on the same gantt chart.

Training Quizzes

To help our customers comply with ISO 9001:2015, section 7.2a-d, we’ve added the ability to easily create training quizzes, and require trainees to pass a quiz in order to sign-off on a training assignment.

  • When there is a quiz associated with the item revision, the training assignments can not be signed-off until the trainee passes the quiz.
  • Users with the new “Propel Training Quiz Author” permission set, can quickly and easily create a quiz with multiple choice questions.
  • The same quiz can be used for subsequent revisions of the training item.
  • Quizzes can be cloned and modified to adjust for subsequent revisions of a training item.
  • See our best practices KB article.

New Objects, Fields, and Permissions

Update your existing permission sets or create new ones and assign to users to grant the correct level of access to new objects and fields.



Primary Attachment field for SKU attachments on the Document__c object

  • Grant read to all
  • Only need edit if you are going to use SKUs

Completeness field on the Item Revision object called Completeness__c.

  • Grant read to all
  • Only need to edit if you are going to use Attributes


Approval Criteria object - used to define criteria-based rules for adding approvers to a change or quality object. (Create, Read, Edit, Delete, View All, and Modify All have been granted to Propel Administrator field set.)


Custom Permissions

  • There is a new custom permission called “Apply Suggested Approvers” that allows users to see the “View Criteria-based Approvers” button on the Approvers tab of a Change or Quality object.
  • Hide Drafts - Prevents users with this custom permission from seeing Item Revision drafts
  • Hide Superseded - Prevents users with this custom permission from seeing released Item Revisions that are not the latest released revision.


Training Quizzes

  • New Permission Set - Propel Training Quiz Author. In order to create a quiz, the user must have this new permission set.
  • New objects
    • Training Quiz object
    • Question object
    • Answer Option object
    • Response object
  • Item Revision - new Training Quiz lookup field
  • Training Assignment - new fields
    • Sent Notification for digest emails - Read and write access has been added to Propel Everyone (Read Only)
    • Quiz Status
    • Quiz Score
    • Training Quiz lookup

Known Issues

Product Area Bug Work-Around
PLM Unable to download all attachment from the Item's Attachments tab, Attachments from all levels view. Go to the Item's actions menu to Export Attachments and select All Levels

Notable Bug Fixes

Product Area



QMS - Training Records

Training Digest Email links to training assignment, but can’t sign-off from there

Now the link goes to the Training Plan

Task Management

Dates shifting 1 day backward when editing and saving on Gantt chart (timezone)

Fixed to not shift dates as long as browser and SFDC timezone settings match

QMS - Training Records

Can sign-off non-Active Training Plan’s assignments

Block from being able to sign-off on non-Active plan’s assignments


BOM >15MB failed to load

Updated to support larger BOMs


Unable to release descriptive change because of missing required fields

Fixed to ignore missing required fields on descriptive changes


Attachments added to new item page auto-shares with company

Fixed to share based on sharing rules of the item


Can’t configure item revision fields on the compliance tab

Fixed to allow item revision fields on compliance tab


Error viewing projects

Removed erroneous reference


Insufficient privileges error for pricebook when releasing an item with the Product lookup filled in.

Added appropriate checks for Product/Pricebook Change Management enabled

PLM - Costs

Cost roll-up in report not matching the total in item

Fixed to match

PLM/QMS - LIfecycles

Phase Notification for Approvers from All Phases only sending to ad-hoc users for a single phase.

Fixed to notify all approvers from all phases.


Attachments tab showing redlines when no changes made.

Excluded system fields to prevent erroneous has redlines.


BOM PDF Export cuts-off items when there are multiple pages.

Fixed to display all items.


On the Publish item dialog, the “Add never before published children” option is not checked by default.

Fixed to check the option by default when publishing an item whose lifecycle phase requires Approval.

PLM/QMS - LIfecycles

Period in phase name breaks required fields feature

If there is a period in the phase name you’ll be able to navigate phase to phase while having the required fields work

QMS - Training Records

Read only user can’t download training assignment from the Home page.

Fixed so the read only user can download.


Customer with a SKU custom object, conflicted with our packaged SKU object, and resulted in an “Attempt to de-reference a null object” error.

Fixed by reversing the order of checking for object names to look for our namespace first, so that we don’t hit the error.

PLM - Sharing

Sharing an item to the owner user failed.

Fixed it so that you can share with the owner.

PLM - XML file

The Propel generated XML file sometimes included duplicate affected items.

Fixed to only list each affected item once.


Apex CPU Time LImit Exceeded error, when trying to transition phases in a change.

Made some processing optimizations to reduce the chance of hitting the error.


Custom Checkbox field with default value of checked, could not be unchecked.

Fixed so that the checkbox could be unchecked.

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