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Import Multi-Source Manufacturer Parts

Sometimes manufacturer parts can come from different sources and have different manufacturer part numbers. Importing these parts is very similar to importing regular items as found here.


Source File

A correctly formatted import file populated with correct data is the most crucial element of the Import process. A sample file is attached to the bottom of this page.

When importing multi-source items, make sure the same item (with multiple manufacturer parts), you specify a category once and only once. Use a CSV or XLSX file to create Items:


In the above example, the item number will be filled in automatically by propel.

Note: If you want to put in a custom item number, then you must specify the category for each part, or the upload will fail.



  1. Open Propel Setup
  2. Select Import tab
  3. Select data type: Items

Import Settings


Add and Update

This setting adds new Item records to Propel and updates existing Items.

Add Only

This setting adds new Item records to Propel. It does not update any Items listed in your import file that already exist in Propel. 

Do you want to match item descriptions?

This setting should be used during an "Add and Update" Import. When an Item in the import file needs to be updated but the Item number in the file is unspecified, Propel first tries to match by a combination of Manufacturer/Manufacturer Part Number/Distributor, and if there is no match, Propel tries to match by Item Description. If no matching item exists in Propel a new Item will be created.

Use my last settings

This feature automatically selects the settings used during the last data import. This is useful if you frequently import the same data types.



  1. Select Next
  2. Select Drop a file or click here to upload (XLSX or CSV):
  3. Select your import file
  4. Map your fields by dragging them from the Item Fields section to the Field Mappingsection:
  5. When all the needed fields are mapped select Next
  6. Review your import data and resolve any errors or warnings (you may need to backtrack to the Map Headers or Import Settings steps, or adjust your import file and re-upload):
  7. Select Next
  8. The Data Import stage displays records created and modified. When the import is finished, you can optionally select Add Items to Change, Import More Data, or click on an Item Number to open it:


For full instruction on importing items into propel, see our "Import Item Data" article here.

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