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Apply Criteria-based Approver Rules to a Change or Quality

As of 3.8

Once your administrator has configured Criteria-based Approver Rules (see this article for instructions on how to create rules), you can apply the approvers given the rules are matched for a change or quality. 

Note: You must have the Apply Suggested Approvers custom permission to apply approvers. It is included in the Propel Administrator permission set by default.

In this article Criteria-based Approver Rules will be referenced to as Approver Rules for brevity.

Apply Criteria-based Approver Rules to a Change or Quality

  1. Navigate to a change/quality with a category where Approver Rules are set up.
  2. Click the Approvers tab.
  3. Click Edit in the top right corner to enter editing mode.
  4. Click the View Criteria-based Approvers button located above the first approval phase on the approvers tab.view-criteria-based-approvers.png
  5. In the Criteria-based Approvers Modal, click Apply to apply all approvers from rules that have been matched.
    • Within the modal, you'll see the Approval Group that will be applied and to which Lifecycle Phase, as well as what rule(s) were matched. To remove individual groups from being added to the approval phase, click the chevron to the right hand side of the row and click Remove.
  6. After clicking apply, you'll see the approval group(s) applied to their respective approval phases.
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