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Identify Late Changes/Qualities

Delayed approvals on Changes/Qualities can slow down production, create inefficiencies, and waste time. This article will walk through setting up a report that shows how many days a Change/Quality has been waiting for approval. 


A. Create 'Duration from Today' field on Change Phase

  1. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Change Audit Trail > Fields and Relationships
  2. Click New
    • Set Data Type to Formula
    • Set Field Label as 'Duration from Today' (Field Name should auto-populate), Return Type as Number (decimal places set to 0)
    • Set formula to: (DATETIMEVALUE(Today()) - PDLM__Created_DateTime__c) + 1
      • This provides the duration in days (the one offsets the date difference). Add a "1440" multiplier to change the duration unit to minutes.
    • Click Next, and then Save.
  3. Don't forget to add this field to your custom field permission sets!

B. Create Report(s)

  1. Head over to the Reports tab, select New Report
  2. Select the Report Type "Change/Quality Audit Trail with Change/Quality" (depending on what you want to report on.)
  3. You'll now find yourself at the Report Creator page. We'll start by removing the Change Audit Trail: Change History Name column.
  4. Then add the following columns:
    • Field
    • OldValue
    • NewValue
    • Created DateTime
    • Duration from Today
  5. Move over to the Filters tab, and update to the following:
    • Change the Change Audit Trail filter to 'All change audit trail'
    • Add filter for Change: Status to equal your required approval phase (i.e. In Approval)
    • Add filter for NewValue, set to the approval phase (i.e. In Approval)
    • Add filter for Field, set the value to 'PDLM__Status_lk__c'
  6. Now group by Change: Change Number

Your reports will now provide the duration from today for each Approval phase on each Change.

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