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Training Quizzes: Best Practices

New in Spring '19 Release

Training Quizzes allows the training manager to require trainees to complete and pass a quiz in order to complete and sign-off on their training assignments.

The training manager has control over which training items require a quiz. When Training Required is checked, the training manager can optionally associate the item revision with a Training Quiz. If there is a Training Quiz associated with the item revision, when Propel generates the training assignments, the trainees will be required to take and pass the quiz.

Admin Configuration and Setup

Assign the new "Propel Training Quiz Author" permission set to any user who will create training quizzes.

  • Go to Setup -> Users -> Permission Sets and select the "Propel Training Quiz Author" link
  • Click the Manage Assignments button
  • Click the Add Assignments button
  • Select the users who will create training quizzes, and click the Assign button
  • Click the Done button

Add new Training Quiz field to the category specific fields for the item category or categories that you may have training quizzes. If every item category could have a training quiz, you can add the field to the Item Revision's, Item Details Tab field set, so that it's visible for all item categories.

To enable for certain Item categories:

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select a category, click the Add button for Category Specific Fields
  • Select the Training Quiz field called Item_Revision__c.Training_Quiz__c
  • Click the Save button
  • Repeat for each category of item that may have training quizzes.

To enable for all Item categories:

  • Go to Setup -> Object Manager and select the Item Revision object
  • Go to Field Sets and click the Item Details Tab link
  • Drag the Training Quiz field into the "In the Field Set" section
  • Click the Save button

Optional: Configure the training assignments to show additional quiz information. By default the Quiz Status should be visible which enables users to take the quiz if applicable.

  • Go to Setup -> Object Manager and select the Training Assignments object
  • Go to Field Sets and click the Assignments Table link
  • Optionally, drag in the Quiz Score and/or Training Quiz fields into the "In the Field Set" section
    • Note: All trainees will be able to see all quiz scores, it's not limited to his/her own scores

Optional: Add Training Quizzes to an app that the quiz authors use, for example, Propel Admin.

  • Go to Setup -> App Manager and edit the Propel Admin app (or create a new app)
  • On the Navigation Items step, move Training Quizzes from Available Items to Selected Items and click Save.

Training Manager Sets up a Training Quiz

Set up a Training Quiz when you have an item draft with Training Required checked, and you want to require a quiz.

  • Go to Training Quizzes and click New
  • Enter a Quiz Name, optional Quiz Description and the Passing Percentage (default is 100)
  • Click Add Question
    • Enter the Question
    • Enter the first Answer option
      • Click Add Answer 
      • Enter the Answer option
      • Repeat adding Answer Options until done
    • Click Save to save the question and answers, or Save and Add Another
  • Repeat adding Questions until done.
  • Select the correct answer for each question
  • Click Save
  • Associate the Training Quiz with the item revision draft
  • Release the item revision as usual
  • Add the released Item as a Training Item to the Training Plan(s)
  • When the Training Plan is active, the Training Assignments are automatically generated for the Trainees


  • Best practice: use a new quiz (new or cloned) for each item. It is not expected usage that the same quiz would apply to multiple different items. 
  • You can use the same quiz for different revisions of one item. If you revise a training item and want to retrain with the same quiz, you can. 
  • If you want to retrain on a subsequent revision with a new but similar quiz, you can clone a quiz.

Trainee Completes Training Assignment

Trainee is notified when new training assignment is assigned.

Trainee logs in and goes to one of two places to complete the training assignment:

  1. Home Page widget for My Open Training Assignments
  2. The Training Plan to see all open training assignments for the plan

Ideally, the Trainee downloads the training materials and reads it.

If there is a quiz associated with the item revision, the trainee is blocked from signing off until the quiz is passed.

For a Pending quiz, the trainee clicks the Take Quiz link to launch the quiz, takes the quiz and clicks Finish. The system evaluates the quiz and the trainee knows immediately if he passed or failed.

For a Failed quiz, the trainee clicks the Retake Quiz link to launch the quiz, takes the quiz again and clicks Finish. The system evaluates the quiz.

After the trainee passes the quiz, if signature is required on sign-off, the trainee clicks Sign Off and enters their password to sign-off. Otherwise, the system auto-completes the training assignment upon passing the quiz.


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