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Create Criteria-Based Approver Rules

As of 3.8

You can create rules to assign approvers on either Changes or Qualities based on change or quality fields' values and affected items fields' values. 


Criteria-based Approver Rule: An individual set of criteria that when matched will apply a single approver group and/or follower group for a given lifecycle phase. A rule may have many criterion.

Criteria: Group of criterion within a rule that must all evaluate to true for the rule to be considered matching.

Adding Criteria-Based Approver Rules

  1. Navigate to Propel Setup. Click Admin Settings.
  2. Click either Changes or Quality.
  3. Select a category.
  4. Once you've selected a category, scroll down to the Category Criteria-based Approver Rules card. Click the carrot icon (Screen_Shot_2019-01-02_at_12.52.58_PM.png) to expand the card.
  5. Once expanded, click Add.
  6. Enter a Rule Description to help you identify the rule.
  7. Under the Criteria section, click Add Criteria.
  8. Select an object (first picklist) and then a field to match (second picklist). Once an object and field are selected, enter or select a value for the criteria.
    • Depending on the field's data type you've selected, a different input may be required. IE: If the data type is checkbox, a checkbox input will appear.Zendesk_Help_Pic.png
    • NOTE: The value is evaluated as an exact match. It is case sensitive. Currently, only exact matching is supported.
  9. In the approvers section, select an Approval Group that will be added to the change/quality when the rule is matched. Select whether the group should be added as Unanimous or First Response approval and which Approval Phase their approval should be required in.
  10. Optionally, select a Follower Group to receive updates about the status of a Change/Quality if the rule is matched.





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