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Copy Categories and Lifecycles from one org to another

Often, when you want to deploy new use cases, you might configure and test it out in a sandbox org, then deploy it to production. For example, a new Quality category with a new lifecycle.

Instead of having to manually recreate the category and lifecycle with all the phases, transitions, approval definitions, you can use the workbench to copy those from one org to another.

Source Org: The org (typically sandbox) where the category or lifecycle is configured.

Target Org: The org (typically production) to where you want to copy the category or lifecycle.

Pre-requisite: Set up cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) in each org.


Logout from Salesforce (all orgs).

Navigate to:

Login to your source org and target org. If one org is a sandbox, click "Login (Sandbox)", otherwise click "Login".

At the top of the page, select what to copy -- Category or Lifecycle.

Select what you want to copy and click "Copy Source to Target".


Note: The Workbench tool doesn’t fill the values in a lifecycle phase for “If Approved Set Status to” and “If Rejected Set Status To.” Remember to do that manually in the target org after copying.


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