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Filtered Lookups - Item Revisions

Today, Salesforce supports the ability to define criteria for allowable values to select in a lookup. However, their standard behavior is for the user to select from all the possible values and then error out if the user selects an invalid value.

For lookups in Propel's Item Revisions, you can define the filtered lookup criteria and Propel can limit the values to the allowable values.


A. Define lookup filter criteria

B. Update the filter

C. Test the filter


A. Define lookup filter criteria

In the object manager, go to the fields and relationships for Item, Item Revision, Change, Quality, or Declaration, and set up the filter criteria for a Lookup field.

  1. Go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Item Revision -> Fields & Relationships -> Edit the lookup field whose options you want to filter.
  2. Click Show Filter Settings.
  3. Specify the filter criteria.
  4. Leave the default filter type as "Required".


B. Update the filter

  1. Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> General Settings.
  2. In the Lookup Filters section, you'll see your field and an "Update Filter" button.
  3. Click Update Filter.


C. Test the filter

There are some limitations on the length and complexity of supported filter criteria, so you'll want to be sure to test the filter. 

  1. Go to the User Settings section, and click Refresh Page Layouts.
  2. Go to an Item draft, and click Edit Draft.
  3. Verify that your filter works as expected.
  4. In the event that the filter doesn't work as expected, undo the Propel's filtering by doing the following:
  5. Go to Setup -> Custom Settings.
  6. Click Manage for "Filtered Lookup" and click the link for the API Name of your lookup field to see the Filter Spec. 
  7. Copy the Filter Spec information and contact
  8. Click the Back to List link, and click the Del link for that row.
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