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Getting Started with Projects

Congratulations, you're looking to bring new products to market or manage on-going projects in your organization! Below you'll find some tips to quickly set up projects in Propel.


  • Project Start Date is a roll-up of the project's earliest activity's start date.
  • Project Finish Date is a roll-up of the project's latest activity's finish date.
  • Baseline Start Date and Baseline Finish Date are manually set by the project manager.
  • Activity and Task are used interchangeably.
  • List View refers to the left pane which contains a sortable list of activities.
  • Timeline refers to the right pane which contains a gantt chart.

Creating a Project

  1. Go to Projects and click New.

  2. Fill out all relevant details. Only Project Name is required, however, it is recommended to also enter a Baseline Start and Finish Date in the Project Health Details section if they're known.baseline-start-and-finish.png
  3. Once the Project is created, you'll be taken to the details tab. Here you can edit other project details fields.


Creating Activities

  1. Click the Fullscreen button to be taken to a workspace where you can easily create new activities.launch-fullscreen.png
  2. In Fullscreen mode, you'll see a Timeline (Gantt Chart) and a List View. To begin creating and scheduling activities, you can either click Add Task in the top left corner to add a task by entering minimal data. If you want to enter more data, click Create New in the top right hand corner and select which type of task you want to create from the dropdown.
    1. Quick Add Task. Click the Add Task button and a new task will be created with the task name in edit mode to allow for easy editing. The Start Date and Finish Date are populated with today's date and tomorrow's date respectively.Screen_Shot_2018-10-10_at_2.44.05_PM.png
    2. Create New Activity. To create an activity and enter more fields upon creation, click Create New. Click Task. A modal will appear where you can enter more details about your activity. Click Create.create-new-activity-modal.png

Re-organizing Activities

  1. Re-parenting Activities. Select an activity and drag the activity to the desired parent until a "+" appears. Once the "+" appears, release the activity to reparent it.reparent-activity.gif
  2. Changing Activity Order. Select an activity and drag to the desired location. Once you see three lines appear indicating where the activity will be placed, release the mouse. This will place the activity in the desired

Sorting Activities

Activities on the List View can be sorted by any column. Click a column header to sort by ascending order and click the column header again to sort by descending order. Click the column header a third time to undo sorting on that column.


Sorting on the List View will also sort activities on the Timeline.

Note: By default activities are sorted ascending by the order field.  





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