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Create a Project Template (Task List) for a Change or Quality Category

Propel allows you to define a list of tasks that will be auto-generated any time a change or quality of a predefined category is created. A project template is a container for this task list.


Creating a Project Template

1. Go to Projects and click New.


2. Make sure to check the template field along with other relevant fields.

3. Click save.


Adding Tasks to a Project Template

1. In the project, click Activities.


2. Click Add Task to create a new activity.

3. Enter the activity name and click Save.


Quick Tip: Click Hide Timeline on the right side of the screen if you only want to see the task list and not the timeline view.


Associating a Project Template with a Change or Quality Category

1. Click the Propel Setup tab.

2. Click Admin Settings.

3. Select either Changes or Quality depending on which category you want to associate a project template to.

4. Select the category you want to associate a project template with.

5. Click the pencil icon next to Default Project Template.

6. In the modal, select the project template you want to use.


7. Click Save.


When a new change or quality of the category selected is created, all tasks in the default project template are associated to the new change or quality.


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