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Designed to support our PIM customers, the SKUs tab allows the administrator to define the variant dimensions for an item category whose values will determine the SKUs that are auto-generated.

For example, if you have a storage device that comes in 2 sizes (100GB and 250GB) and 3 colors (black, white, red), then there are 6 combinations of SKUs. If the dimension order is Size then Color, and the storage device’s base SKU is 10001 and the SKU segment for 100GB is -100 and -250 for the 250GB variant, and the SKU segment for colors are -B, -W, and -R, then Propel will auto-generate the following SKUs:

    • 10001-100-B
    • 10001-100-W
    • 10001-100-R
    • 10001-250-B
    • 10001-250-W
    • 10001-250-R

The SKUs tab, variant dimensions, and variant dimension order are configured per item category. 

Steps to configure:

For each category

  • Set category as a PIM Product
  • Enable Base SKU as a category-specific field
  • Define category-specific variant dimensions (like size and color) and the order
  • Enable the SKUs tab

Future changes to the category definition, are resolved in the item revision draft and when a new draft is created.

1) Set Category as a PIM Product

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category, click Edit on the Category Details
  • Check the PIM Product checkbox
  • Click Save

2) Enable Base SKU as a category-specific field

The Base SKU value is combined with each variant dimension value SKU Segment to auto-generate SKU Numbers.

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category, expand the Category Specific Fields section and click Add
  • Find the Base SKU field and add it as a category-specific field so that it displays on the Item Details tab.

3) Define Category-Specific Variant Dimensions

The variant dimensions are the variable attributes that differentiate SKUs.

  • Go to Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category to add variant dimensions
  • Expand the Category Specific Variant Dimensions card
  • Click Add
  • Select from an existing Dimension Definition, or create a new one. Common examples include Size and Color.
  • Enter the SKU Order, which is the order in which the SKU segments are put together to form the SKU Number
  • Click Add
  • Repeat for all the variant dimensions that apply to the category

4) Enable the SKUs Tab

Configure the SKUs tab to display for the item category.

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category and go to the Configure Tabs section
  • Drag the SKUs tab to the Left (or Right) Panel in the order that you want the tabs to display
  • Optionally, click Apply to Other Categories to set the identical tab configuration for your other categories

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each category that you want to have SKUs.

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