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PIM Attributes - Unlimited and Localizable

Designed to support our PIM customers, the Attributes tab allows the administrator to add an unlimited number of attributes to their items. Although any single item category will likely only have 10s of attributes, across the different categories there can be 1000s. For our customers who need to store translations for different locales, the numbers of attributes per category multiply quickly.

The Attributes tab is configured per item category. The attributes are inherited from the parent and grandparent categories. They can be organized into groups for display purposes.


Steps to configure:

For each category

  • Set category as a PIM Product
  • Define category-specific attributes
  • Organize the attributes into groups
  • Enable the Attributes tab

When you create an item of that category, you’ll be able to enter the localized values for all your product information on the Attributes tab. 

Future changes to the category definition, are resolved in the item revision draft and when a new draft is created.

1) Set Category as a PIM Product

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category, click Edit on the Category Details
  • Check the PIM Product checkbox
  • Click Save

2) Define Category-Specific Attributes

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category to add attributes
    • Note: Attributes are inherited from the parent and grandparent.
      For example, if your category hierarchy is like this:
    • You might add common attributes like Description, Features, Fabric to Clothes, so that you don't have to add those to every type of pants as well as all the child categories of Shirts.
  • Expand the Category Specific Attributes card
  • Click Add
    • Search for Existing attributes:
      • Type-in the attribute name in the search field
      • Select the attribute. If there are multiple locales, the system auto-selects the attribute set for the locales, and click Add
    • Create New attribute:
      • Type-in the attribute name you want to create
      • Optionally set the label for the locale
      • Choose the datatype for the attribute - Text, Number, MultiPicklist or Picklist
      • For list fields, fill in the allowable values (enter one value per row)
      • Click Add
      • Notes:
        • Create an attribute entry for each supported locale
        • Each attribute must have a unique Name-Locale combination
  • Repeat for all the attributes that apply to the category

3) Organize the Attributes into Groups

For each category with Attributes (excluding categories with Use as Category Group Name = Yes), you can optionally create organizational groupings like page layout section headers.

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category to organize the attributes
  • Expand the Category Specific Attribute Groups card
  • Click Add
  • Specify an Attribute Group Name, which will be the name of the collapsible section header on the Attributes tab form
  • Specify the Order, which will determine the order that the section headers appear
    • Note: Attribute groups with the same order number will be displayed in alphabetical order ascending
  • Move the desired attributes from the Available list to the Selected list
  • Order the attributes in the Selected list to define the order in which the attributes will appear within the section header
  • Click Save to save this attribute group, or click Save & New to save this attribute group and create another one
    • Note: Any attributes that are not added to a group will be displayed in alphabetical order ascending (based on the attribute name) in a section header called Other Fields

4) Enable the Attributes Tab

Configure the Attributes tab to display for the item category.

  • Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items
  • Select an item category and go to the Configure Tabs section
  • Drag the Attributes tab to the Left (or Right) Panel in the order that you want the tabs to display
  • Optionally, click Apply to Other Categories to set the identical tab configuration for your other categories

Repeat steps 1-4 for each category that you want to have Attributes.

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