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Create Related Lists for Custom Objects

As of 2.23.2

Creating Related Lists for Custom Objects

Enhance your records by adding relevant information through a custom related list. Display related child records at the bottom of the record page.

This article will cover simple one-to-many related lists (displaying Object B data on an Object A record) using Lookup fields. For this example we will create an Item related list for Projects.

For more details on relationships between objects, please see this Salesforce article


A. Create Lookup on Object B

B. Add Related List to Object A

C. Configure VisualForce Page (Lightning)

D. Refresh Page Layouts (Clear Cache)

E. Update Object B Records


A. Create Lookup on Object B

TIP: For detailed instructions on how to create a custom field, check out this Knowledge Base article.

1. In Setup, go to the Object you want to display as a related list (Object B, e.g. Item)

2. Under Fields & Relationships, click New

3. Select Lookup Relationship for Data Type, then Next

4. Choose Object A (e.g. Project) for Related To, then Next

5. Create an appropriate Field Label (Field Name should auto-populate)

  • Confirm Child Relationship Name is Object B


6. Continue through next three pages, then press Save

7. Add this field to the default field set or map it to the appropriate Categories for your use


B. Add Related List to Object A

1. While in Setup, navigate to Object A (e.g. Project)

2. On Page Layouts, select Edit for the layout

3. Click Related Lists from the Page Layout Palette

4. Confirm the new Related List has been added to the page layout

  • If not, drag it down into the Related List section to add

5. Select the Wrench icon above the new Related List to configure what fields will be displayed

6. Once finished, press Save on the top-left of the Page Layout Palette




C. Configure VisualForce Page (Lightning)

NOTE: This step is specifically for objects that do not have a related tab presently available.

1. Go to an Object A record

2. Select the Gear icon in the top right corner and then Edit Page


3. Click on the main component box, then Add Tab button

  • A new "Details" tab will appear, click on the word 'Details' and change to Related, then press Done


4. Click the new Related tab that has now appeared in the main component

5. From the left-hand side component list, pull in the Related Lists component to the main section


6. Press Save

7. Press Activation...

8. Go to App Default tab, click Assign as App Default

9. Select Propel and Propel Admin from the list of Apps, then Next and Save


10. Confirm the new Related tab has been added to your Object A page layout


D. Refresh Page Layouts (Clear Cache)

1. Head over to the Propel Setup tab

2. Press Refresh Page Layouts



E. Update Object B Records

1. Navigate to an Object B record and add an Object A record to the new lookup field

2. After saving, head over to the Object A record to confirm the Object B record appears in the new Related List tab



To configure the option to create a new related record from the related list, see Create a New Record from a Related List

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