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Configure XML files on Item

You've decided to generate XML files for individual items when the revision is released. 

The following are instructions for turning on and configuring XML export files and posting them in the Item's Chatter tab.


  1. Define the Data to Export
  2. Create a Process Builder based on a platform event
  3. Enable the Custom Setting to fire the platform event

Step 1. Define the Data to Export

See "Define Data to Export to XML" article

Step 2. Create a Process Builder


  • Go to Setup -> Process Builders, click New
  • Enter the Process Name and optional Description
  • For "The process starts when", select A platform event occurs.
  • Click Save

Set the Trigger

  • Click Add Trigger
  • Select the Publish item Revision platform event for the Item Revision object, and set the matching condition to Record ID Equals Event Reference Record Id
  • Click Save

Add Criteria

  • Click Add Criteria
  • You can optionally set up criteria. For example, if you only want to generate the XML file for a subset of item categories, you can create some conditions. In this example, we'll generate the XML file for all items. 
  • Click Save

Define the Action

  • Click Add Action
  • Action Type = Apex
  • Enter a name for the action, for example, Generate XML file
  • Select Export Item Revision XML for Apex Class
  • Set the Apex Variable for Revision Id to Event Reference = Record Id
  • Click Save

Activate the Process Builder

  • Click the Activate button

Step 3. Enable Custom Setting

  • Go to Setup -> Custom Settings
  • Click Manage for the Configuration custom setting
  • Click New
  • Add "PropelPlatformEvents" as the Name and "TRUE" as the Value
  • Click Save
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