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Add Additional Fields to Lookup Fields

As of 2.23.2

Provide users with more information about the value you're searching for in a lookup field by adding extra fields to the lookup, such as title or category.

For example: If you have a lookup to a Change object from an Item Revision, you can add the Change's Category to the lookup fields that you type-in search for:


Known Limitations:

  • Only lookup fields on certain objects (Master Objects) can have extra fields included. The Master Objects are limited to Item, Item Revision, Quality, Declaration, and Activity (API name: PDLM__Deliverable__c).
  • The Extra Fields supported types areLookup values, Strings, Picklist values, and URLs.

Steps to configure the Extra Lookup Fields:

For each lookup field that you want to configure additional fields to lookup, create an Extra Lookup Fields setting

1. Navigate to Setup and type Custom Setting into the Quick Find, click on Custom Settings

2. In the list of Custom Settings click on the Manage button next to Extra Lookup Fields

3. Click New

4. Now the Extra Lookup Fields Edit page will appear


Now that we’ve navigated to the extra lookup fields edit page let’s understand what each of these fields are and how we create a new Extra Lookup Field

  1. Name is the label you are giving to the extra lookup field you are creating
  2. Controlling Field uses the API name of a Lookup field on the Master Object. It is the field that will ultimately have extra lookup fields appended to it
  3. Extra Fields uses a comma-separated list of API Names for fields on the Lookup Object. These are the extra fields that will be appended to the default value of the Controlling Field
  4. Lookup Object is the object type that the Controlling Field looks up to
  5. Master Object is the field where the Controlling Field exists

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each lookup field that you want to configure additional fields to lookup, and create an Extra Lookup Fields setting.


The following is a step-by-step example to setup and create the extra lookup field. You do not need to create a new field if you have a lookup field you want to use already. Skip steps 1-2 if that is the case.

1. Identify the Master Object that has a Controlling Field. As an example, let’s create a field on the Item Revision object named Change Lookup.

Make the Change Lookup field a lookup field to the Change object (or whatever object you want to lookup) and give it visibility to whomever needs to see or use this field.

2. Add the newly created field to a Field Set or to a Category

3. Once we’ve setup the field, navigate and create a new Extra Lookup Field.

  • In Name put Item Revision Change Lookup.
  • In Controlling Field put the field name Change Lookup
  • In Extra Fields add what extra information you want to see, put Category__c
  • In Lookup Object put what field the Controlling Field lookups up to, put Change__c
  • In Master Object put where the Controlling Field exists, put Item_Revision__c

4. Clear cache and navigate to the Item View Page, edit the Item and click on the edit draft button. Click on the field and you should see the Name of the Change - Category. In general, this is the format for Extra Lookup Fields.



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