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Import Manufacturer Part Cost

A. Use Propel Import feature to upload part costs for Manufacturer Parts.

1. Prepare your import file: 

  • Need to include Account (Manufacturer) and Mfr. Part Number
  • Cost needs to be recorded as a numerical value

2. When you're ready to import, go to Propel Setup

3. Select the Import tab


4. Check the AML (Approved Manufacturer List) box and select the appropriate radio button to use

  • Add, Update, and Delete will replace existing item details, BOM, and manufacturer parts in Propel with the data in your import file. If a sub-assembly is already present in Propel, then it remains unmodified unless your import file specifies changes to the existing sub-assembly BOMs.
  • Add and Update will add new items records to Propel and update the existing items in your file.
  • Add Only will add new item records to Propel and NOT update any existing items in your file. With Add Only, you can add new BOM and manufacturer part rows to an Item, but it will not delete or modify any existing rows.


5. After selecting your import settings, click Next to upload your import CSV file

6. Click to browse for file or drag file to Upload


7. Map fields by dragging field from top to mapping section

  • Note that some fields may have automatically been mapped based on file headers. Be sure to double check that these mappings are correct.

8. To map costs correctly, use the fields that are labeled as "___ Cost Cost" (depending on the cost labels set up in your org)


 9. Click Next after mapping is complete

10. Review warnings and correct any errors


11. After reviewing, click Next to start import

12. When import finishes, click Add Items to Change (new in Spring '18), Import More Data, or click on an item name to open that record in a new tab



B. Import new costs for Manufacturer Parts using Data Import Wizard

Intended Audience: Propel Consultants and Partners and experienced Salesforce Administrators who are comfortable working with large data sets and importing directly into Salesforce custom objects.

Tools: This article discusses loading data using standard Salesforce Import Wizard tool. Prior knowledge of this tool is assumed.

Required Privileges: You must have Salesforce System Administrator privileges to use the tools referenced in this article.

Disclaimer: Propel Support is not responsible for data integrity errors or data loss resulting from importing data directly into Salesforce custom objects. It is assumed that the reader of this article is experienced with Salesforce objects and schema and has prior experience performing data migrations.

Technical Support: The Propel Support organization cannot assist with data migration efforts. You may choose to contract with Propel Implementation Services for paid assistance with these activities.

Environment: It it strongly recommended that you perform dataload activities in a Sandbox environment first.

1. Prepare your import file: 

  • Need to include Mfr. Part Number, Cost, and Cost Type
  • Cost needs to be a numerical value or null

2. When you're ready to import, go to Setup

3. Search for Data Import Wizard in the Quick Find box, select Launch Wizard!


4. Navigate to Custom Objects and select Part Costs

5. Select Add New Records and update the fourth picklist to Manufacturer Part Name (leave the first three picklists as --None--)

6. Upload your CSV file and click Next


7. Map Cost, Cost Type, and Manufacturer Part to the appropriate headers in your CSV file

8. After mapping is complete, click Next


9. Review any warnings and errors given, and once ready click Start Import

10. After the import is finished processing, review the results. If any records have failed, click View Result for error messages




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