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Propel Summer '18 Release Notes

Revision: 2.23

Released: 7/16/2018




Where Used Tables

  • Your administrator can now configure different columns to display for the Immediate Parents and Top Parents tables.
  • For details, see the KB article on how to Add a Column to Where-Used Tab.

Add to BOM

  • When adding items to a BOM, the search works across all text fields in the results.



Add to Affected Items

  • When adding affected items to a Change, the search works across all text fields in the results.

Warning on manual transition out of an Approval phase

  • Typically, when a change is in an approval phase, you want a user to Approve or Reject the change and auto-transition.
  • However, it is possible to configure manual transitions to exit an Approval phase.
  • A warning displays if the user manually transitions to help avoid getting into a bad state.



Automated training assignment generation

  • Training assignments are automatically generated and trainees notified when a Training Plan status is set to Active.
  • While the plan is active, if trainees or training items are added to the plan, new training assignments are automatically generated and trainees are notified.

Trainee as Public Group

  • When assigning trainees to a training plan, you can now select a user or a public group as a trainee.
  • Training assignments will be created for each of the members of the group and each member is notified.
  • Turn on the new admin setting to Maintain Group Membership Changes, so that as users are added to the group, new training assignments are automatically generated and as users are removed from the group, open training assignments for those users are automatically obsoleted.

Bulk Sign-off

  • The training plan owner or the trainee’s supervisor can sign-off on behalf of the trainee.
  • Now, the owner or supervisor can select multiple open training assignments and sign-off in bulk, rather than one-by-one.

Do not allow surrogate sign-off

  • For customers who want to require that the trainee sign-off for him/herself, there is a new admin setting that disallows the training plan owner or trainee’s supervisor from signing off on behalf of the trainee.

Training Plan field Days to Complete is now required

  • Any plans without Days to Complete set, will be set to 14 days.


Admin Settings

Reset Help/Warning dialogs

  • Users can now reset all system warning dialogues in User Settings of Propel Setup if they’ve previously chosen to ignore them.

Share BOM View custom permission

  • There is now a custom permission that controls which users can share custom BOM views.
  • The custom permission is added to the Propel Administrator permission set by default.


New Capabilities


View drafts on change

  • Get a holistic view of BOM updates with drafts on the same Change.
  • New view dropdown on the BOM tab for draft revisions on a Change.
  • Default shows the latest released revisions of items on the BOM.
  • Optionally, see any other drafts on the same change.

Replace Item

  • Rather than Remove an Item and Add another, you can now Replace an item on the BOM with another item.
  • Visually displays the replacement together, so that the meaning and intent of the change is more clear.
  • Preserves the assembly information, so you don’t need to re-enter the quantity, reference designators, find number, notes, etc.
  • Works both directly on the BOM with the new Replace button as well as when doing Bulk Changes from an item to replace one item on multiple BOMs.

Send Email

  • Send an ad-hoc email about an item to other users to share insights or communicate design ideas.
  • Optionally, also post in Chatter.


Changes and Quality

Send Email

  • Send an ad-hoc email to remind approvers to review.
  • Includes quick links to add all approvers from the current phase or add all approvers from all phases.
  • Optionally, also post in Chatter.

Cycle-time Report

  • Now collecting data about phase entry and exit times and duration.
  • Reportable using the Change Phases with Change report type.

Audit Trail

  • To satisfy regulatory audit requirements, we have a complete audit trail for all field updates and modifications to affected items, attachments, etc. in Quality and Changes.
  • This will go beyond the Salesforce limits of 60 fields for field tracking and retain the data beyond the 18 month history retention policy.
  • Reportable using the “Change Audit Trail with Change” or “Quality Audit Trail with Quality”report type.


Admin Settings

Create Categories and Autonumbers from Propel Setup -> Admin Settings

Visualize the Category Hierarchy

  • See a visual representation of item, change, and quality categories in Propel Setup -> Admin Settings.

Create new tabs for individual related tables

  • Propel Administrators can now create item, change, and quality tabs for related lists in Propel Setup.

Create new Item Revision custom field from the Item

  • System Administrators can create new custom Item Revision fields from an Item.
  • Custom fields can be category-specific or apply to all categories.


Notable Bug Fixes


Product Area




Bulk Add doesn’t set Quantity to 1

BOM Quantity defaults to 1


Picklist on create Mfr Item from Add to Mfrs modal not setting default

Default picklist value is set when creating a Manufacturer Part from the Add to Manufacturers dialog


Add attachment/manufacturer parts in edit affected item modal broken

Able to add attachments and manufacturer parts from the Change’s edit Affected Items dialog (from the eyeball popup)


Redlines in Change Affected Items table when “Start in Editing Mode on Change” is enabled

Eliminated erroneous redlines


“No Affected Items” warning when Affected Items tab was never loaded

Removed erroneous “No Affected Items” warning if you advanced the Change phase without viewing the Affected Items tab


Do not export “hidden from grid” custom cost fields in BOM export

Exclude hidden cost fields from export


Delete Training Item obsoletes ALL Training Assignments, not just for the plan

Delete Training Item from one Training Plan only obsoletes the Training Assignments from that plan


Last Downloaded On is not updated in Training Assignments when you download

Last Downloaded On is updated


Known Issues

  • Cannot add draft revisions to Quality records as Affected Items.
  • On descriptive changes, all revisions and drafts will be appear in the affected item revision picklist, but only the latest released revision can be added.
  • Deleting a draft with the Override Business rules permission fails to delete associated affected item records.
  • Bulk replace action on item lists all released revisions instead of the latest released revision.



  • Fields where we ask for a Public Group applies to the users in the group, not any sub-groups or users in sub-groups. For example, in the phase edit behavior “Edit Allow Group(s)” or trainee as group.
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