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Customer Newsletter Volume 10 - June 21, 2018

Happy Summer Solstice!

The June solstice is our signal to celebrate summer and there is no better way to celebrate than with a preview of the Propel Summer Release!  

Coming Soon in Summer

  • BOM Replace:  We’re adding a Replace button to the BOM tab. Historically, to replace an item on a BOM, you would have to remove one item and add another item, then recreate the assembly details like Quantity, Reference Designator and Notes. The new Replace action displays the replaced item and preserves the assembly details.
  • View Draft BOMs: In the Summer release, there will be a view selector for all draft items on a change. This will allow you to see child drafts on the same change, so that you can see what the BOM will look like when the change is released.
  • Custom Fields on Items:  You will be saving a ton of time with this new feature! With the Summer release, system administrators will have the ability to create new Item Revision custom fields from the Item Details page.
  • Training Plans:  The new Training Plan enhancements will make it much easier to roll out training assignments for large organizations.  Training assignments will automatically be created when items or trainees are added to an active plan.  You will also have the option to add public groups and trainees and training assignments will be maintained as users are added or removed from the groups.
  • Watermarks: The Propel watermark feature will provide you with a flexible and customizable solution for auto-generating PDF files for attachments. Administrators will be able to configure which information from the related Item or Change to display and where to display it. For information on pricing, please contact
  • Propel Setup: You will have the option to create and edit Categories and Autonumbers all in one place.  View all category specific fields and create new category specific fields within Propel Setup. Create custom tabs by category on Items, Quality and Changes to separate related tables.


Pilot Program

Interested in being the first to test out new Propel features and influence the product roadmap? In an effort to satisfy client needs, we are looking for feedback on our upcoming Summer release. Contact Danielle,, for more information.


Cool Reports with Propel!

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