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Customer Newsletter Volume 8 - April 20, 2018

Hello and thank you for being a customer,

It’s springtime at Propel and the product is blooming with a bunch of new features!
We will be upgrading all customers to the Spring Release by May 15. To schedule an early upgrade, email

Here are a few tips and tricks from the much anticipated Spring Release.

Multiple Item Drafts: You will now have the option to create multiple item drafts to propel your ability to innovate. This feature will come in handy when you need to stage a release or work on longer term designs, but a more urgent change comes up that you want to push through without losing other changes.

  • Tip: When a draft is released, any other existing drafts are automatically re-baselined. Propel applies the changes in the new revision to the other drafts. When a draft is re-baselined, the details are posted in Chatter feed for the Item. 
  • Trick: Click on the new Has Draft icon to see if drafts already exist before creating another one. 
  • Click here for detailed instructions on multiple drafts.

Has Redlines Icon: A new "Has Redlines" column can now be added to your BOM tab. The Has Redlines column displays a red dot to indicate changes when you compare one revision to another.

  • Tip: Do not display it in the first column (at the top).
  • Trick: This column is not visible by Default. Propel administrators can configure it by adding Has Redlines to the Assembly Object’s Default BOM View field set.
  • Click here for detailed instructions on the redlines icon.

Add Unpublished Children to Change: As of our Spring Release, we have an option for adding previously unpublished child items to the Affected Items tab of a Change so that you will not be blocked from releasing a parent item with unpublished children.

  • Tip: A list of any child items that are already on other changes will display and you can either release the other changes or remove the items from the other changes and then click "Add Unpublished Children" again.
  • Trick: You can also "Add never before published children to Change Order" (up to 400) from the To Publish dialog when publishing an Item and adding it to a Change.
  • Click here for detailed instructions on unpulbished children.

Add All Parents to Change: Some organizations want to roll the rev of all the parents when the rev of a child is rolled to track any time anything within the product changes. With the Propel Spring Release, you will now have the ability to do this.

  • Tip: The system will add parents only if the parent has no drafts. For any parents with drafts, you'll receive a notification that they were not added and you can then make the decision to manually add those parts to your change.
  • Trick: In the event that you didn't use the To Publish dialog or want to add parents at a later time, you can also add all parents from the Change's Affected Items tabs.
  • Click here for detailed instructions on add all parents.

BOM Comparison: We’ve enhanced the BOM comparison feature to include other items. On the Compare BOMs dialog, you can select a different revision for comparison or select another item.

  • Tip: Children shared by both comparison items are highlighted in green. Differences are highlighted in yellow. Rows without highlights are only in one of the comparison items.
  • Trick: You can export the comparison data to CSV or XLSX formats.
  • Click here for detailed instructions on BOM Comparison.

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