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Manage Categories in Propel Setup

Propel Spring '19 (3.8.1)

Administrators can create and edit Item, Change, and Quality categories and autonumbers directly from the Propel Setup tab.

NOTE: New lifecycles must be created before adding to a new Category. For information on creating new lifecycles, check out this article

1. Go to Propel Setup --> Admin Settings and select Items, Changes, or Quality

2. Click on the Create New Category button


3. Enter Category Name and Lifecycle

  • NOTE: New lifecycles must be created prior to creating a new category

4. If applicable, add a parent category or mark the new category as a category grouping and/or PIM product

  • NOTE: The following fields must be configured directly from the Category page: BOM Fieldset, Affected Item Fieldset, and Is Descriptive Change

5. Select Autonumber preference:

  • Create new Autonumber (for Autonumbering Best Practices, click here)
  • Use existing Autonumber
  • Don't include an Autonumber (can be reconfigured later)


6. Once you're finished, click Create

You'll now see your new category included in the Object Category Settings

All fields you defined earlier are editable from this section, as well as defining Category Specific Fields and Tab names/locations



When you go to create a new item/change/quality, your fresh category will now be available for use!






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