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Related Lists (Item Revisions)

Display information related to an item revision on an Item's Related tab. This article will focus on item revisions, and can be applied to changes, items, and quality records.

Related lists are configurable per Category. For example, you can set up your “Standard Operating Procedure” items to show related training assignments.

1. Go to Setup --> Object Manager

2. Select Item Revision, then Page Layouts

3. Click into Item_Rev Layout

4. In the top pane, select Related Lists and then drag your desired list into the page layout


5. Click the wrench icon to configure the related list

6. Select which fields will be included, the display order of the fields, and the record sort order from the popup


7. Click OK and then Save

8. Navigate over to the Propel Setup tab (App Launcher for Lightning users)

9. Go to Admin Settings, then Items

10. Select an item Category

11. Click on the pencil icon next to Related to configure the Related tab

  • You can also click on Create New to make new tabs. Use this feature to separate related lists on different tabs 


12. Select which related lists you want displayed for that Category. Name the tab based on the list(s) used in the tab


Note: In the example above, you can see that you can add Item and/or Revision related lists to the tab.

13. Click Save

TIP: Easily duplicate a category's settings by selecting Apply to Other Categories and selecting which categories you'd like updated

14. While still in the Propel Setup tab, move over to User Settings and select Refresh page layouts




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