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FAQ - Deviations

These are some questions we hear a lot, and hope you find our answers helpful. But if you have others, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help. Send us an email at:

(1) What functional differences are there between Changes intended as permanent change (Engineering Change Order - ECO) and Changes intended as temporary changes (Deviation - DEV)?

The key difference is that the Deviation is a temporary Change and has an expiration.  Deviations are configured the same as changes.  You can create Deviation lifecycles, categories, and auto-numbers. 

(2) If an Expiration Date is set up, is there system functionality associated with that Expiration date to have the change automatically expire?  

The Deviation will not auto-expire.  A user will need to login and expire the Deviation.  A notification will be sent when the Deviation is set to expire.

(3) Is a new Revision still required for the affected item?

No, the Deviation draft, once expired, will appear at the bottom of the list of drafts on the item for historical reference purposes.

(4) Looking at an Item, is the current Deviated status reflected in the Heading and/or Revision?

Yes, the Deviation number will appear similar to how ECO numbers appear:


(5) How does autonumbered Revisions and the revision sequence interact with temporary revisions?

This works the same as it does on Changes.  You can set up a separate category and auto-number for Deviations.

For instructions on how to configure basic Deviation auto-numbers, categories, and lifecycles, please see our Basic Configuration Article (part N).

(6) Regarding multiple drafts, how does Propel resolve real revisions (Change Orders) against temporary revisions (Deviations)?

You can release other drafts with a Deviation in place. After the Deviation expires, the affected items will revert to their previously released state. If an item's Lifecycle Phase is updated in the Deviation, after expiring the item will revert to the previous Lifecycle Phase.

(7) How will Propel handle a Change Order created and released ahead of an existing Deviation expiration?

You can release an ECO and other drafts with a Deviation in place. This works like this so that you can continue to build an item without something small (like a label) holding everything up.

(8) Looking at an Item's history, will we be able to see that a Deviation was active and during what dates?

On the history tab of the item you will be able to see the Deviation in the Item drafts with the word “expired” next to it.

(9) When a Deviation expires, will the redlines still be visible in the expired Deviation?

An expired Deviation will still display the redlines for a comparison despite the expiration. BOM redlines will still be available for the expired revisions.

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