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Add Custom Field to Project

Add Custom Field to Project

Add a Custom Field to a Project

Note that all instructions in this article use Salesforce Lightning, not Salesforce Classic.

Adding a custom field to a Project requires 4 general steps:

A. Create the field on the Project object
B. Position the field in the Page Layout
C. Refresh page layouts (clear cache)
D. Add the field to at least two permission sets

Part A. Create the field on the Project object

1. Go to Setup.



2. Go to Object Manager and Project.


3. Click Custom Fields and Relationships and New.


4. Choose a data type for the field and click Next.

5. Enter the Field Label, other required information, and click Next.

6. Click Next again and Save. 

Part B. Position the field in the Page Layout

1. Go to Page Layouts and then click Project Layout.


2. Find the new field on the Page Layout. It often lands at the end of the first section.


3. Save your changes.

Part C.  Refresh Page Layouts (clear cache)

1. Go to Propel Setup.

2. Click Refresh Page Layouts.


Part D.  Add the Field to at Least Two Permission Sets

You can see all fields in Propel because you’re a system administrator. But your users can’t see new custom fields you create until you add the fields to a permission set.

Most Propel implementations have two custom permission sets:

Propel Everyone (Read Only) - Custom Fields
Propel Full Use - Custom Fields

You need to add the new field to each of these permission sets.

1. Go to Setup, Users, Permission Sets.

2. Open the permission set Propel Everyone (Read Only) - Custom Fields.

3. Click Object Settings.


4. Scroll down and click Projects.

5. Click Edit.

6. Scroll down until you find your new field.

7. Click on the “Read” box for that field.

8. Save your changes.

9. Now open the permission set Propel Full Use - Custom Fields.

10. Go to Object Settings, select the object Project, and click Edit.

11. Check both the Read and Edit boxes.

12. Save your changes.

13. Your new field is now ready for use.

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