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Propel Spring '18 Release Notes



  • Create multiple item drafts (see New Features below)
  • BOM Comparison Improvements when comparing this item to another item


    • Added ability to specify fields to compare in the “Compare to Another” field set on the Assembly object (see Quantity and Reference Designators in the example above)
    • Layout improvements including fixed headers and highlighted differences
    • Added ability to export results to CSV or XLSX
  • Ability to configure a sortable “Has Redlines” column to show where the changes in the BOM are when comparing to another revision


  • Ability to view older revisions of a BOM “as of” a specific date within the revision’s effectivity dates


    • Click Filters to see the As Of date field
    • The system defaults to the last day of the revision (when it was superseded by the next revision)
    • You can see the child revisions and costs as of another date within the revision’s effectivity dates
  • In 2.15, we added the ability to create your own custom BOM views. Now, you can share those views with other users


    • Go to the gear menu to see the Share option



  • New “Add Unpublished Children” button to automatically add any previously unreleased child components of the affected items to the change
    • Removed the option to automatically add drafts of previously released children (from the To Publish dialog)
    • System lists out any children not added because they are already on another change
  • Audit before Submitting to the first Approval phase, to avoid the situation where the final approver approves and the affected items fail to release
    • Invalid revision name is “Draft” or going backwards in revision sequence
    • Missing required fields
    • Error flags on Affected Items table for:
    • Blocks if any error flags on Affected Items
    • Blocks if any unpublished children have not been added
  • Per Affected Item, ability to “Add All Parents to Change” from the item’s eyeball popup’s Where Used tab
    • Includes immediate, intermediate, and top parents of the item
    • System lists out any parents with drafts that don’t automatically get added to the change, for you to decide which parent draft to add
  • Ability to filter the Affected Items table



  • New Change Edit behavior setting for a phase to “Edit Affected Items Tab During Approval”
  • All allow group fields accept multiple groups
    • Comma separated list
    • Includes new “owner” keyword option
  • New allow group for “Edit During Approval Groups”
  • Clone lifecycle now clones all phases, phase transitions, phase notifications, and approver definitions
  • Phase Notifications enhanced to send to “owner” user



  • List view table is in-line editable for quicker edits in context of other tasks


Training Plans

  • Workflow Rule-driven emails
    • Customer configurable email content
    • Flexible time-based notifications
  • Renamed “Ad-hoc Re-assign” to “Assign” to create training assignments



  • Ability to define a Specification for specific items (and/or categories)
  • Declarations restrict items and manufacturer parts to those applicable to the Specification



  • New option to “Use my last settings” if you frequently import similar data
  • New option to “Add Items to a Change” after import


Admin Settings

  • Ability to view tables related to an item revision on the Related tab per Category
    • For example, you want your “Standard Operating Procedure” items to show related training assignments
    • For example, you want for your “Finished Good” items to show Part Cost data
  • Ability to configure tabs per category for Quality objects
  • Ability to hide category-specific fields from New dialogs

New Capabilities

Multiple Item Drafts

  • Company setting to enable multiple item drafts
  • Enables you to stage releases or work on designs while also pushing through urgent changes
  • When adding affected items to a change, the system only auto-creates a draft when no drafts exist, otherwise you will choose from existing drafts (not already on other changes) or create a new draft
  • When one change is between the first approval phase and being released or canceled, another change with another draft of the same item is blocked from moving into the first approval phase
  • When revision sequence is defined in the item’s lifecycle phase, you will be blocked from going backward in the sequence
  • When a draft is released, the changes are automatically applied to other drafts of the same item



  • Updated Lightning links to download attachments based on Salesforce updated URLs
  • Expanded results to 200 items in Bulk Changes, Add
  • Required picklist with default value is now recognized as being set
  • Restored ability to save Use Cost and Use Cost % Allocation on Item’s Manufacturers tab
  • Training assignments correctly displays “ instead of "
  • Export Default BOM to XLSX (on the BOM tab) will correctly export one row per item regardless of the number of parts on AML
  • Auto-reject phase resets approvals
  • Restored the ability to save the Details tab from the affected items modal (the eyeball popup on the AI tab)
  • When the Top Where Used is greater than 200, we now limit the results to the first 200 and explain that the results are truncated



  • If you have any personal Item list views with On Change, we’ve renamed the old field to OBSOLETE and added a new “On Change” field. So, you may need to adjust the visible columns for your Item list views.
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