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Configuring the Training Records Module - Best Practices and Instructions

Propel Training Records are organized as follows:

  • A training manager sets up a Training Plan. Example: "Training Plan for Cleanroom Employees"
  • The Training Plan contains a list of all documents on which people need to train.
  • The Training Plan contains a list of all the people who need to train on these documents.
  • When a new revision of a document is issued, Propel automatically generates a Training Assignment for each person listed in the Training Plan.
  • Individuals in the Training Plan receive an email that they have a new Training Assignment. These individuals review the associated document and sign off that they have completed the training.


You will perform the following high-level tasks to configure the Propel Training Records module:

A. Add fields Training Required and Training Due Date to appropriate Propel Item Categories.

B. Confirm that the Training Plan Page Layout is set up correctly.

C. Add the widget User Training Assignments to all relevant Home Page Layouts

D. Edit individual user accounts so that they list the user's manager

E. Set up user accounts for people who won't directly sign off on their own Training Assignments

F. Add the tab Training Plans to all training managers' screens

G. Configure email notifications for trainees and managers

H. Ensure that all documents on which people will train are 1) Released, and 2) Have a file attachment

I. Create one or more Training Plans

J. Manually create the initial Training Assignments

K. Set up List Views for training managers

L. Optional: Set up Dual Signatures so that Training Assignment signoffs require a password

M. Testing: Confirm that a revision change on an item triggers a new Training Assignment

N. Testing: Confirm that a user can download a document from Home Page

O. Testing: Confirm that a user can sign off a Training Assignment from Home Page

P. Testing: Confirm that a manager can sign off a Training Assignment for someone else

Q. Optional: Dataload historic Training Records from Another System


Please note that all of the configuration instructions are in Salesforce Classic. From a user perspective the Training Records module looks best in Lightning, so the user-level instructions will also contain Lightning instructions.


Part A. Add Fields Training Required and Training Due Date to Appropriate Propel Item Categories.

1. (Classic) Go to Setup, Create, Objects, Item Revision

2. Go to Custom Fields.

3. Scroll down and notice these two managed package (out-of-the-box) fields:


4. Copy and paste the API names into a temporary location. You'll use them soon.

5. Edit the Page Layout for this object (Item Revision).

6. In the Page Layout, make a section and add these fields:


Note that this section will only appear on items whose category contains these fields.

5. Now you need to determine which Item Categories will potentially have training records associated with them. These are typically document categories such as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or Work Instruction.

6. Open a Propel category, such as SOP:

7. Add the two training fields to the category.

8. Refresh the page layouts. (Propel Setup, Refresh Page Layouts)

9. Open an item of the given category. Confirm that the training fields are present and that you can fill them out:


Part B. Confirm that the Training Plan Page Layout is Set Up Correctly

It's important that you set up the Training Plan Page Layout with a VisualForce component for Training Assignments rather that a related list. To do this:

1. Setup, Create, Objects, Training Plan.

2. Edit the Page Layout.

3. Highlight VisualForce Pages. Drag the element Training Records down into the layout.


Put the VisualForce Page here for now:


4. Now you need to adjust the size of the VisualForce page. Move your cursor over the blue area and click on the wrench icon:


5. Increase the size. Specify the values in pixels:


6. Confirm that these two related lists, and ONLY these two, are present at the bottom of the Page Layout:


7. Arrange the fields into logical groupings. For example:


8. Save your changes.

9. To test the page layout, first add the tab Training Plans to your tab setup:


10. Click on the tab Training Plans. Create a new Training Plan and save it. Don't worry too much about the values you type into fields; you're just testing the Page Layout right now.


11. Confirm that your layout looks similar to this:

(Skipping some whitespace in the screen shot)


Part C. Add the Widget User Training Assignments to all Relevant Home Page Layouts

Users need a way to see their open Training Assignments. The easiest way for them to find them is to put a widget on each users' Home Page.

Home Pages are set up per Salesforce Profile. For example, the Profile System Adminstrator will have a Home Page configured in one way, and the profile Propel Change Analyst may have a different Home Page.

You'll need to determine all the different profiles assigned to your users. Here are some some common ones:

System Administrator
Propel Change Analyst
Propel Full User
Propel Read-Only User

Then you'll need to determine which Home Page is used by each profile and edit each Home Page.

These instructions show an example of editing only one Home Page.

1. Go to Setup, Home Page Layouts. Open an individual Home Page.


2. Click Edit.

3. Add the widget User Training Assignments.

4. Follow the prompts on the screen to finish and Save.

5. Log in as a user who has that particular profile assigned. Confirm that the training boxes appear on the Home Page:


6. If you are using the Lightning user interface you'll need to modify the Lightning home pages too. Switch to Lightning:


7. Go to the Setup icon and choose Edit Page:


8. On the bottom left, click Visualforce.


9. On the right, select Open Training Assignments.



10. Organize the components so that the Lightning Home Page looks similar to this. This example is a home page for the profile Propel Change Analyst.


11. Save and Activate the modifications. 

12. Edit each Lightning Home Page to add the Open Training Records component. To edit a different Home Page, click here:



Part D. Edit Individual User Accounts so that they List the User's Manager

There are three people who can sign off an individual Training Assignment:

  • The user to whom the training is assigned
  • The owner of the Training Plan
  • The user's manager, as defined in the user's Salesforce user account

For each user who will participate in training, you should designate their manager.

1. Go to Setup, Manage Users, Users.

2. Edit an individual user account.

3. Fill in the Manager field.


Part E. Set up User Accounts for People Who Won't Directly Sign Off On Their Own Training Assignments

Every user for whom you want to record an online training record must have a Salesforce account. Here are some considerations.

1. If you are migrating training records from another system, you may have records for people who have left the company. You will have to create user accounts for these users. You can disable these user accounts after you load the data. See these two articles for more information:

Dataload: Training Records

Dataload: User Accounts

2. Some of your users will only log into Salesforce for the purpose of reading training documents and signing off their own training assignments. You will need to create "real" user accounts for these people. These will be Propel-only licenses that use the license type Salesforce Platform. Ask your Propel Account Executive to tell you about special "Training-Only" licenses that are less expensive than read-and-approve licenses.

3. You may have some users for whom you want to record electronic training records, but these people never touch a computer and may not even have an email address. For example, you may have users on the manufacturing floor that train on paper documents and sign a piece of paper verifying that they've been trained. In this case you would do these things:

  • Have their manager sign off the electronic training records (Training Assignments) inside Propel.
  • Scan the paper document and add it as a file attachment to either the individual Training Assignment or to the Training Plan.

You will still need to create "real" user accounts for these people. Each user in this category will need a unique username, but can use a shared (but real) email address. You won't be able to use Salesforce "Chatter Free" user accounts for these people, because Salesforce does not allow Chatter Free users to be added as Trainees in a Training Assignment, and there is no way to specify a "Manager" for a Chatter Free user.


Part F. Add the Tab Training Plans to All Training Managers' Screens 

If your users are using the Lightning user interface then the menu already contains the Training Plans tab. But if your users are using the Classic user interface do this:

1. Switch to Salesforce Classic.

2. Go to Setup, Manage Users, Users.

3. Log in as an individual user:


4. Customize the individual user's tabs:


5. Add the tab Training Plans. Do NOT add the tab Training Assignments. You don't want to add Training Assignments to a manager's tabs because the tab and its associated List Views open up an incomplete method of signing off on a Training Assignment. Training Managers will sign off for their employees within a Training Plan.

6. Repeat these instructions for each individual training manager. If you have many training managers then you might consider sending out written instructions so that each manager can configure their own tabs.


Part G. Configure Email Notifications for Trainees and Managers

The Training Records module sends emails in two circumstances:

  • Propel sends an email to a Trainee when a Training Assignment is created.
  • Propel sends an email to the Trainee's manager when a Training Assignment is created.

Many companies choose to NOT email the Trainee's manager, as it can result in a tremendous number of emails for that person.

This section covers two tasks: 1) Turning off email notifications to managers, and 2) Adding a link to the Home Page where the Training Assignments widget is found.


To turn off email notifications to managers:

1. Go to Setup, Email Templates.

2. Choose this folder: Propel Email Templates.

3. Edit this template: Training Assigned (Supervisor)

4. Un-check this box: Available for Use

5. Save your changes.


To add a link to the Home Page:

1. Go to Setup, Email Templates.

2. Choose this folder: Propel Email Templates.

4. Edit this template: Training Assigned (Trainee)

5. Add the text in RED below. Substitute the beginning of the URL with your Salesforce URL. For example, the URL below is for a particular Sandbox ( Your URL may be similar to this: or perhaps So depending on the Salesforce datacenter in which your org resides, the full URL may be similar to one of these:

Simply log into Salesforce and note the URL at the top of your screen.


You have been assigned a new training for {!PDLM__Training_Assignment__c.PDLM__Item__c} - {!PDLM__Training_Assignment__c.PDLM__Item_Description__c} in Training Plan {!PDLM__Training_Assignment__c.PDLM__Training_Plan__c} - {!PDLM__Training_Assignment__c.PDLM__Plan_Description__c}, which is due on {!PDLM__Training_Assignment__c.PDLM__Due_Date__c}. 

Click here to go to this Training Assignment:

Thank you, 


  6. Save your changes.


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