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Reset Security Token

If your company has turned on the "Dual Signature" feature in Propel, you will need to type in your password when approving a Change Order or other type of Change or Quality record. Medical Device companies typically use this feature.

If you are accessing Propel from a non-trusted IP address, such as from a home office or other remote site, you need to type your password in this form:

password + security token

The challenge is that you probably have no idea what your security token is. Here is what you need to do. The system administrator cannot do this for you; each user needs to do it himself/herself.

1. At the top right of the screen, find your username. Choose Settings. 


2. Expand the My Personal Information section.

3. Click Reset My Security Token.



3. You will get an email with your security token.

4. Now, when you approve something, use this format:

password + security token


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