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Customer Newsletter Volume 7 - March 14, 2018

Help yourself to a Slice of Propel’s News and Features!

In the spirit of Pi Day, Propel is serving you to a tasty slice of news.

Introducing the Propel Community!

The Propel Community provides a space to collaborate with other Propel users and is a central source of information for troubleshooting and exchanging ideas. Knowledge base articles, helpful tips for using Propel and a section for submitting feature requests can all be found on the page.

Coming in Spring

The much anticipated Propel Spring release is almost here. Below are are a few of the enhancements that are coming soon.

  • Multiple Drafts: Customers often have a need to create multiple item drafts. For example, when you need to stage a release or work on longer term designs, but a more urgent change comes up that you want to push through without losing other changes. The multiple drafts feature will give you the ability to create drafts from the latest released revision.
  • BOM Tab: We are making some exciting improvements to the BOM tab including updates to the layout of the comparison page, an option to add a Has Redlines column and the option to share the custom BOM views with other users.
  • Affected Items: Affected Items will be much easier to navigate with the Spring release. You will be able to filter the Affected Items table and will see new buttons for easily adding unpublished children and adding all parents to the Change.
  • Approvals: In the Lifecycle phase configurations, we are adding two new Change Edit Behavior options. You will have the option to add multiple groups to give them permission to edit during the approval and a new option to edit the Affected Items tab during approval.


Pilot Program

Interested in being the first to test out new Propel features and influence the product roadmap? In an effort to satisfy client needs, we are looking for feedback on our upcoming Spring release. Contact Danielle,, for more information.

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