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Has Redlines Icon Column

As of our Spring '18 release, your administrator can configure a new "Has Redlines" column to your BOM tab.

When you compare one revision to another, the Has Redlines column displays a red dot to indicate changes.

The column is sortable.


Admin Configuration

This column is not visible by Default - Configure by adding Has Redlines to the Assembly Object’s Default BOM View field set (using SF Classic interface).

1. Switch to Salesforce Classic 

2. Click Setup

3. Go to the Assembly object (under Create -> Objects)

4. Under Field Sets, edit the "Default BOM View" field set

5. Drag "Has Redlines" to "In the Field Set", position it in the desired default order, and click Save

Tip: Do not display it in the first column (at the top)

6. Go to Propel Setup, and click "Refresh page layouts"

Tip: Adjust any shared custom BOM Views, as desired. See the Create and Share Custom BOM Views KB article.

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