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Add All Parents to Change from the "To Publish" dialog

As of our Spring '18 release, we have the option to add all the parents of an item to a change.

Some organizations want to roll the rev of all the parents when the rev of a child is rolled, in order to track any time anything within the product changes over time.

Add Parents from To Publish

From the To Publish dialog, when you are adding an item to a change, you can select the option to "Add All Parents to Change Order (includes immediate, intermediate, and top parents)".


The system walks up the parents (based on the latest released rev), and adds parents if and only if the parent has no drafts (or has never been released), so the system can create a draft and add it.

For any parents with draft(s), you'll get a notification that they were not added. You can make the decision to manually add those parts to your change and select the revision to add (either select an existing draft or create a new draft) based on the situation.


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