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Multiple Item Drafts

New in Spring '18.

Customers often have a need to create multiple item drafts. For example, when you want to stage releases or work on longer term designs, but a more urgent change comes up that you want to push through without losing your other changes.

New Admin Setting to Allow Multiple Item Drafts

There is a new company-wide setting to Allow Multiple Item Drafts.

Go to Propel Setup -> Admin Settings -> Items and Enable "Allow Multiple Item Drafts".


How Multiple Item Drafts Work in Propel (Built-in Constraints)

Creating Multiple Drafts

When multiple drafts is enabled, you can create drafts from the latest released revision. 

Because drafts are always created from the latest released revision, multiple drafts are not allowed until after the first revision is published.

You'll see the Create Draft button, when viewing the latest released revision. In this example, the Create Draft button is only visible on revision 2.


Has Draft(s) Icon

Refer to the Has Draft icon to see if draft(s) already exist, before creating another draft.


When there is only one draft, you can click the Has Draft icon to navigate to that draft. In the example above, you can hover-over the Has Draft icon to see the drafts and click a link to navigate to the desired draft.

Editing Drafts

Because you can have many draft revisions, you need to be on the draft you want to edit to click Edit Draft.


In the example above, clicking Edit Draft, allows you to edit revision 5.

Revision Sequence

Revision names are suggested based on the Revision Sequence defined in the Lifecycle Phase. There are warnings when releasing one item draft will skip a revision. For example, going from A to C. You will be blocked from releasing an item draft that goes backwards in the sequence. For example, you've released A and C, you can no longer release B. 

Releasing Item Drafts Through Changes

Multiple drafts of the same item can be on different Changes at the same time, but multiple drafts of the same item are not allowed on the same Change.

Item drafts must be released one at a time. Once a Change enters the first approval phase, another change with the same item is blocked from entering the first approval phase, until the first change is released, canceled or pulled back to a phase before the first approval phase. For example, Item 123 has two drafts, B and C. Both drafts are on changes. Draft B's Change goes into approval. Draft C's Change is blocked from moving into approval. If there are other affected items on draft C's Change that you want to push through, you can remove draft C from the Change, or pull draft B's Change back out of approval.

Adding Affected Items to Changes

You are always adding a specific draft revision to a change. You can only add one draft of the same item to the same change.

With Allow Multiple Item Drafts enabled, when you add items to a change, you will be presented with more options.

Only if the item has no existing draft, then we know to automatically create a draft and add it to the affected items. Otherwise, you may have one or more "available" drafts. "Available" means that the draft is not already on another change. You'll have options to select a draft, create a draft, or not add the item at all.



When a draft is released, any other existing drafts are automatically rebaselined. Propel applies the changes in the new revision to the other drafts.

Example: A is released with items X and Y on the BOM. Drafts B and C are created from rev A. In draft B, Y is removed and Z is added. In draft C, X is modified and P is added. When B is released, C is updated so that Y is removed and Z is added. The earlier modifications to X and addition of P remain.

Conflicting Redlines

In the event that there are conflicting redlines, where multiple drafts have changes to the same item, the changes in the latest released rev are applied to the draft. 

Example: A is released with items L and M on the BOM. Drafts B and C are created from rev A. In draft B, L is removed and M is modified In draft C, L is modified, and P is added. When B is released, C is updated to remove L (overwrites draft C's modifications to L), M is modified, and P remains.

Chatter Notifications

When a draft is rebaselined, the details of changes are posted in Chatter for the Item. The Item Revision creator is @mentioned in Chatter. If the rebaselined draft was on a Change, the Change Owner is also @mentioned in Chatter.


The rebaselining event is also logged in the Item's History.





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