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Customer Newsletter Volume 6 - February 14, 2018

Fall in Love with Propel’s Newest Features!
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Propel is sharing the love with a few valuable tips and tricks to help you save time.

Define Your Own BOM Views
 Users can create their own custom BOM views. Similar to an object list view, you can give the view a name, specify the fields to display and specify the order in which to display them.
- Tip: Click on the gear icon to create a new custom BOM view, rename an existing view, modify fields to display or delete a view from the menu.
- Trick: Within your custom BOM view, you can adjust the column widths in the table which will be remembered for you.
Click here for detailed instructions.

Multiple Cost Roll-ups
 With the New Year’s release also came the ability to define and manage different cost types. Users can enter or import costs for manufacturer parts and roll-up totals through the Item Revisions.
- Tip: For the new Part Cost object, you can create additional custom fields to capture information such as MOQ or Lead Time. You can import into these custom fields or manage them on the Manufacturer Part's Part Costs table.
Click here for detailed instruction.

- Tip: Users also have the option to designate other Item Revision custom fields to be tracked in historical roll-up totals. For example, you may have two cost roll-ups, one for Material Costs and another for Fixed Costs. You can create a custom formula field on the Item Revision to calculate the Total Cost (Material + Fixed). Propel can track the history of changes for Total Cost together with Material and Fixed in the Part Costs table.  Click here for detailed instructions.

- Trick: For those of you not interested in using the Costs features within Propel, here is how to hide the Cost column from the BOM tab.

Share Your Experience with Propel
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Pilot Program
Interested in being the first to test out new Propel features and influence the product roadmap? In an effort to satisfy client needs, Propel is looking for feedback on a few upcoming features including Advanced Costing and Multiple Item Drafts.

Contact Danielle,, for more information.

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