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Add Custom Fields to Item

This article will explain in detail how to create a custom field for an Item/Item Revision. Items in Propel are constructed with two objects:

  1. Item
  2. Item Revision

The user only sees one integrated item, but the fields the user sees are actually part of two different objects.

The Item object contains fields that don’t change from revision to revision, such as Item Number and Category. These fields are global to all categories. They cannot be made category-specific.

The Item Revision object is where you typically add custom fields. Even if the field will stay the same from revision to revision its best to add the field to the Item Revision object. This is because you can make the field category-specific and you have flexibility to position the field anywhere on the page.

Adding a custom field to an Item requires 5 general steps:

A. Create the Field on the Item Revision object
B. Position the Field on the Page Layout
C. Add the Field to at least two Permission Sets
D. Associate the Field to one or more Categories
E. Refresh Page Layouts (Clear Cache)

Part A. Create the Field on the Item Revision object

1. Go to SetupObject ManagerItem Revision.


2. Select the Fields & Relationships tab on the left sidebar and then select the New button.


3. Choose a data type for the field (such as Text, Picklist, etc.) and click Next.

4. Enter your unique Field Label and Field Name (should auto-populate).

  • Note: Do not check Required, even if this field will be required. Propel sets Required Fields on Lifecycle Phases. Check out our Change Lifecycle Configuration article for more details.
  • Tip: Add Help Text to display useful information when users hover over the Info icon next to this field.

5. Click Next to add the Field as visible on the standard permission sets. Select Next to add the field to the Item Revision page layout and then press Save.


Part B. Position the Field in the Page Layout

1. From the Item Revision object, select Page Layouts from the left sidebar menu. Then select the Item_Rev Layout.


2. Find the new field on the Page Layout. It often lands at the end of the first section titled Information.

3. Then drag the field to the desired section/location and select Save to complete your changes.


Part C.  Add the Field to at Least Two Permission Sets

You can see all fields in Propel because you’re a system administrator. But your users can’t see new custom fields you create until you add the fields to a permission set. To add custom fields to a permission set, please follow the instructions listed out in this article: Add Custom Fields to Permission Sets.


Part D. Associate the New Field to One or More Categories

To add the newly created field to one or more categories, please follow the instructions listed out in this article: Manage Custom Fields on a Category.


Part E.  Refresh Page Layouts (Clear Cache)

1. Go to Propel Setup. In Salesforce Lightning, you can find Propel Setup as one of the tabs in the Header or by selecting the App Launcher and finding Propel Setup.

2. Click the Refresh Page Layouts button.




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