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Customer Newsletter Volume 5 - January 2, 2018


2017 Year in Review


Delivered 3 major releases this year to coincide with the releases:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter

New Product Modules

Launched 5 new product modules:
  • Costing
  • Training Assignments
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Quantity Management
  • Product Launch

Customer Enhancements

Addressed over 150 customer enhancement requests this year including:

Configure Item Tabs

Ability to Configure Item Tabs per Category

For example, the administrator can display the Where Used tab on the left pane.

BOM Filter

Filter BOM Table and Identify Parts that Need to Be Released

Filter the BOM using any column and any BOM view. Locate the components or assemblies that you need to investigate such as evaluating the costs or replacing a part.


Advanced workflow capabilities:

- Dynamic approver assignments

- Phase-based field edits

- Phase-based field notifications

- Unanimous and first response approval settings


Did you Know?

You can do “Bulk Changes” on an item to add, remove, or replace it from all assemblies where it is used.

Bulk changes save time and provide greater accuracy.
Steps to do a bulk change:
- Navigate to the item you want to add, remove, or replace.
- Select “Bulk Changes” from the actions menu (the arrow to the right of To Publish).
- In the Bulk Changes dialog, select the action you want to do.
- For Add, search for and select the items to which you want to add this item.
- For Replace, choose with which item you want to replace this item.
- For Replace or Remove, select from the immediate parents, which you want to affect.
- Optionally, add the modified BOMs to a new or existing change order.

You can integrate with Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive to collaborate on documents in the cloud.

Access files in SFDC directly and add them as attachments to Item, Change, or Quality records. (service hours required)

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