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Release 1.87.3



  • User Experience improvements in Project Planning module.
  • Prototype of a bulk changes feature.  Customers who wish to use this feature should contact Propel Support.
  • Related tab can be hidden or renamed from the Category records.
  • Added new views to the Item and Change attachment tabs to show manufacturer part and affected item attachments.


  • Fixed an issue that preserved some BOM relationships when using Propel Import.
  • Fixed a bug that failed to add an existing file to the attachments tab when the user had the Super User permission set.
  • Added a missing permissions for file attachments
  • Fixed an issue where read-only users could not be the final approver
  • Several Propel Import fixes and new validations on the Preview screen including handling commas in number fields, different casing of item numbers, and duplicate descriptions.



  • Several UX improvements to Kanban Board in Project Planning module to make it easier to assign and re-assign activities.
  • Clone on the project page will intelligently copy the start and due dates for all of its activities.
  • Added a new option in the Change workflow to allow automatic submission for approval.
  • Some page load performance enhancements.
  • In a private sharing model, sharing with groups of users and groups of roles are now supported.
  • Minor UX improvements for read-only users


  • Added a validation to prevent duplicate manufacturer parts from being imported
  • Fixed a few bulk edit bugs from build 1.85.
  • Fixed a bug that removed sharing from all file attachments when only one attachment was removed.



  • Rebuild of cost roll-up feature.  Costs are now calculated on the Assembly (BOM), so the same procured part can have different costs depending on which BOM it is being used in.
  • Improvements to change workflow: system is now configurable to define which phase a change will move to after rejection and to allow only certain transitions to be controlled by a change analyst.
  • Proof-of-concept Steelbrick (Salesforce CPQ) integration.
  • Added a new configuration that allows backwards movement in a change order to unrelease a revision.


  • Renaming of manufacturer parts could potentially cause conflicts when later using Propel Import.  This has been addressed.
  • In a restrictive sharing model, some users could not search for attachments uploaded by others.  Adding attachment will now ignore sharing.
  • Additional Propel Import improvements to handle unexpected input data.
  • Fixed an issue where Partner Portal users could not view certain Propel objects
  • On the new Item Page, if a date field was clicked into but not filled in, the part would not be created.
  • In a private sharing model for both Items and Manufacturer Parts, sharing "related items" will now also share manufacturer parts.

Known Issues

  • When automatically submitting for approval, lifecycle phase validations are not checked until the final approval step.

Propel Staff Notes

  • 3095: Copy data from Approved Date to Approved Date Time.
  • 3178: Activity and Project page layouts.  3201 Activity Layout.
  • 3285: Remove "Deliverable" as a Activity Type.
  • 3286: Update change approval email template.
  • 3230: Add Require Change Analyst to Phase Transition Page Layout, Lifecycle Related List.
  • 2257: Modify Phase Layout for Auto Reject Phase
  • 3386: Modify Item Revision detail page field set.
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