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Release 1.84


Internal Release


  • Continuing UX improvements to the Project Planning feature.
  • Added a configuration that automatically sorts reference designators.
  • Minor tweaks to managed permission sets.
  • Enabled deletion of a multi-level BOM for users with the Delete BOM custom permission (Propel Super User permission set).


  • Fixed an issue that prevented read-only users from viewing Item pages.
  • Prevented Import from creating new items when importing only BOMs.


Internal Release


  • Fixed an regression that prevented saving the affected item modal.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the same file attachment to be shared among multiple items.
  • Fixed an issue where read-only users could not see file attachments.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented editing descriptions of file attachments that already exist in the org.
  • Fixed an issue where read-only users could not approve change orders.

1.84.1, 1.84.2

General Release

October 21, 2016


  • Temporarily disabled in-progress bulk BOM edit feature
  • Fixed an issue where removing a previous revision's attachments would invalidate the download link for new attachments.
  • Propel Full Use and Read Only licensed users could not load Project Management charts. This is fixed.





Known Issues

  • Date fields on the Item creation page must not be blank in order to create an Item.



Propel Staff Notes

  • 1636: Enable reference designator sorting, if desired.
  • 2760/3075: Update email templates with mobile-friendly links.
  • 2829: Update Phase related list on Lifecycle page layout.
  • 3089: Enable feed tracking on project and activity objects.
  • 3017: Add Kanban and Gantt buttons on the Activity page layout.


Installation Link: Build 1.84.2


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