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Release 1.78.2


Internal Release


  • Improved page load performance on the Item page.
  • Unlocked ability to edit cost information on the "Flattened with Manufacturers" BOM view.
  • Added new data integrity validations to Import.
  • Added ability to add all first-level BOM children to the same Change order in the Affected Item popup.
  • Improved final Import status page to show which records were created or updated.
  • Added ability to attach URLs to Items.
  • Import now accepts Microsoft Excel files (xlsx) as an input.
  • Many minor usability improvements to error messages, confirmation messages and page layouts.


  • Minor improvements to Import to handle variations in customer data.
  • Change page now refreshes the allowable edit permissions when the status is updated.
  • Resolved a conflict when AML data was imported to an existing record created through the UI.


Internal Release


  • Fixed an issue that prevented AML data from saving correctly.


General Release, August 23 2016


  • Dialed back an overly strict import validation when importing without item number.


Known Issues

  • Adding file attachments using the "Add" dialogue triggers an error.  To add file attachments, use the drag and drop feature.
  • Unable to select an existing change order if publishing an item with the "To Publish" box. To add items to change orders, create the change first and then add them as Affected Items.
  • Currency fields on the Item page are stored at full precision, but only displayed to the nearest dollar.

Installation Notes

  • If desired, add "Has Parent" to Item search views and "Used on Item" to Manufacturer Part page layouts and search views.

Propel Staff Notes

  • 2586: Copy last modified date fields on Attachments. Update field sets with the new field.
  • 2721: Inspect customer data and set unique identifier to the correct format if necessary.
  • 2397: Update all Manufacturer Item records to set "Used on Item" flag.
  • 2732: Reset unique identifier on Assembly records, if necessary.
  • 2750: Reset unique identifier on AML records.
  • Run post install scripts from Release 1.77 for any customer that is upgrading from 1.75:
    • 2653: Reset autonumber.
    • 1899: Set Has Parent.
  • Add "Add Selected to a Change" button to Item list views.
  • Remove deprecated field "Is Locked" on Item Revision.
  • Add read/write permissions on Change State for customers that installed 1.74 or earlier.

Installation Link: 1.78.2

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