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Release 1.77

August 03, 2016

Internal Release


  • Edits to specific tabs on the Change page can now be restricted to members of a public group.  These restrictions are configurable to a specific phase (step) of the Change workflow.
  • New configuration allows customer-defined fields to be excluded from change control
  • Removed the special handling of preferred vs. alternate manufacturers.  Look and feel of "With Manufacturers" BOM view adjusted accordingly.
  • Prototype release of an improved import feature.
    • Updated UI to more closely resemble a spreadsheet format.
    • Import can now be restricted to one or more types (Items, BOM or AML).
    • Added a new manufacturer part field called "Distributor", that allows creation of multiple manufacturer part records with the same part number but different distributors.
    • Revamped required fields.  Item number is no longer required if Manufacturer and Manufacturer PNs are specified (we look up existing parts in the system).  Revision is defaulted to "Draft" if not specified, and "Initial" is the default Lifecycle Phase.
    • Expanded initial validations on the "Review" page to catch missing or invalid categories and phases.
    • Import now remembers the last field used for each header value.  This can be managed in Setup > Custom Settings > "Mapping".
    • We now allow mapping to customer-defined fields on Propel objects.
  • Prototype release of a cost roll-up feature
    • Edit or import to a new "Cost" field on the manufacturer part
    • On the "Manufacturers" tab on the Item page, you can now specify which AML record to use for costing.  If you want a weighted average cost between multiple manufacturer parts, use the "Allocation" field.
    • Created an available scheduled job to periodically recalculate costing for reporting.
    • Creating an AML record on a subassembly will override the cost roll-up of all of its child parts.


  • Improved wording of some error messages.
  • Fixed an issue that failed to increment the change autonumber in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a display issue on the BOM tab, "With Manufacturers" view.
  • Fixed a sporadic issue that prevented editing when dependent picklists were used.
  • Creating an item without a category now displays an error on the page instead of redirecting to another error page.
  • Fixed a rare issue where AML data wasn't copied over when a new draft was created.


Internal Release


  • "Add" feature on the BOM tab displays the most recent items on top
  • Various minor improvements to the project feature.
  • Changing part numbers on the details tab now displays a more obvious error message.
  • New custom Visualforce Components to replace the "Items to Approve" widget on the home page.
  • Removing affected items from a change will now give the option of deleting the related draft revisions.
  • Continued improvements to Import:
    • Importing to Distributor will set the correct lookup to Account
    • No longer creating Account records.  Customers must create new Account records manually as their organization's permissions and policy allow.


  • Fixed an issue where the Approvers tab would reset if the Details tab was saved.


Installation Notes

  • Enable profile or permission set access to new visualforce components: "PDLM.ItemsToApprove" and "PDLM.UserItemsToApprove". Add these to a home page layout, and assign this layout to any profiles with Propel users.
  • Roll-up costs are not stored automatically to the database for reporting and searching.  Please schedule the apex class "ItemRevisionCostBatch" to periodically recalculate cost information.  This can also be done on-demand by executing the following anonymous apex code:
        Database.executeBatch(new ItemRevisionCostBatch());

Propel Staff Notes

  • Remove deprecated fields on Propel objects (MPN Cost, MPN Volume Cost, State, Preferred Status).
  • Review and enable email notifications associated with approval processes.
  • Reset autonumber to address issue 2653.
  • Set Has Parent to address issue 1899
  • Set Used on Item to address issue 2397
  • Configure Phase records to allow tab edits.  This only needs to be done for customers that first installed build 1.74 or earlier.


Installation Link: 1.77 [TBD]


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