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Release 1.75

June 27, 2016



  • Category modifications on draft changes will reload the appropriate lifecycle.
  • Implemented autonumber objects for Changes.
  • Enabled dependent picklist fields on Item and Change detail pages (not on the grid at this time).
  • Various updates to the Project features
  • Updates to the enhanced Workflow features:
    • Movement between phases is now implemented as a Phase Transition record on Lifecycle.  Backwards movement through the workflow and skipping of phases is now possible.
    • Implemented a default approver group per phase.  Set up a public group and enter the API name of the group in the Default Approver Group field on the Phase record.
    • Autopromotion can now accept any arbitrary phase


  • Status will now get set correctly after creating a new change order.
  • Fixed an issue that degraded typing performance on the Item Details page.
  • Currency fields on the Assembly (BOM) object now reflect the format of the field definition.
  • Fixed an issue that delayed loading of past revision (redline) data.


Known Issues

  • Item and Change pages may be cached. If clicking on "New" on the Item or Change tabs leads to a blank page, clear the cache by going to the Propel Admin tab and clicking the "Reload Describe Information" button.

Installation Notes

  • Installation of this version requires additional configuration, which may increase downtime. Contact Propel support before installation for assistance.

Propel Staff Notes

  • Review Deviation Change type configuration. Clean up search layouts, page layouts and field sets to remove deprecated fields (Type and "Deviation Notification Date" [Expiration_Date__c]).  Configure workflow process to add tasks and reminders when deviations are created.
  • Deploy Project Phase Approval Process (zip file attached to this article).
  • Migrate existing customers to Change Phase configuration.  Add administrators/change analysts to the Change Analyst Group custom setting.
  • Migrate old changes to new workflow.


Installation Link: 1.75


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