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Release 1.74.1

June 8, 2016



  • Introduced a project management feature.  This can be accessed as a new tab.  Each project consists of one or more deliverables tied to a project phase.
  • Added cycle time analysis to projects to enable project reporting.
  • Create New shortcut available in the Item and Change page dropdowns.
  • Transition complete for the new workflow and change approval process.  Change categories must be set when creating new changes.
  • In the Add to BOM and AML modals, wildcard search characters are aligned with Salesforce global search.


  • Fixed several related issues that prevented item export when field sets contained lookups to other objects.
  • Implemented lookup filtering to select only the appropriate category type on the Item and Change pages.
  • Line breaks now display correctly in text fields (e.g. description).
  • Fixed an issue that allowed editing of read-only fields on the Change page.



  • Fixed an issue where non-System Administrators were getting an error on the Change pages.


Known Issues

  • On the Details tab on both the Item and Change pages, page performance is slow when typing in the input boxes.  Recommended workaround is to type long text fields (e.g. description) in an external text editor and copy-paste the value into the page.
  • Orgs that initially installed version 1.6x or earlier will need to clean up obsolete pages, field sets and fields on the Change object.  Propel Support will implement this during upgrade.

Installation Notes

  • This package version is dependent on the Salesforce platform version Summer '16.  Please visit to see when your org is scheduled to be upgraded.

Installation Link: 1.74.1

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