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Release 1.70 - 1.71

April 22, 2016


This release removed many components from the managed package.  We feel that this will afford customers greater flexibility and reduce confusion when similarly named managed and unmanaged fields exist on the same Propel object.


  • Comments made during the approval process are displayed on the Approvers tab
  • UX enhancements to the Save and Cancel actions on the Item page
  • Major cleanup of managed fields and fieldsets
  • Added a "Has BOM" and "Has AML" fields on Item object to make searching easier
  • Change owners and change analysts can now reassign approvers.


  • Revision names can now include spaces
  • Flattened BOM view no longer displays AML data
  • Follow button correctly displays the following status for the current user
  • Export attachments now uses the filename, not description in the zip file
  • Fixed slow rendering issue with large BOMs.




  • Added approval comments to the Approvers tab
  • UI enhancements on the Attachments tab on change orders
  • First implementation of Title 21 CFR Part 11 feature (for medical device customers)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an introduced issue from build 1.70
  • Swapped BOM and AML rows in the "AML" view


 Known Issues

  • Reassignment of the change analyst is not fully supported
  • Reassigned approvers are not displayed after the change is approved
  • If an approver is both an original and reassigned approver, approval comments may appear out of order

Installation Notes

  • Unused component cleanup is optional, but will reduce clutter. Refer to the attached spreadsheet for a list of all removed components from the managed package.  To remove the fields and field sets, go to the page for each Propel custom object, search for the appropriate API name, and click the delete link.  To remove the Visualforce page, go to Setup > Create > Visualforce Pages, then click the delete button there.
  • Optional: Add two new fields, "Has AML" and "Has BOM", to the Item search layout for a more informative search result.
  • Required: Migrate data on the Change object from the Workflow field to the Type field.  This will allow for future product expansion.  Review the data currently in the Type field, then contact Propel support at

Install Link: 1.71 

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