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Release 1.73.2

May 31, 2016



  • Filtered and improved Timeline entries for both Items and Changes
  • Adapt user interface to updated Salesforce Lightning Design System
  • Created new Affected Item interface on Change objects
  • Prototyping for an upcoming workflow feature. Changes can now be linked to Categories, Phases & Lifecycles.
  • Streamlined read-only permissions.  New "Propel Everyone" permission set designed for read-only Propel licenses.  Optional custom permission "Approve" to allow approvals on Change orders.
  • Consolidate upload new Item attachment & choose existing file features into a new interface
  • Email notification sent after successful attachment export
  • Displaying approval, reassignment, rejection and comments in the Approval History section (Approvers tab) of Changes
  • Item Revision fields can now be organized into sections in the Item page.  Fields should be added to both the "Item Details Tab" field set and the page layout "Item_Rev Layout"
  • Ability to change Item categories (within the same Lifecycle) if you have the "Category_Configure" (Propel Superuser) permission.
  • Misspellings in the Lifecycle Phase configuration will now display a warning message after saving
  • Added ability to clone changes
  • Improved experience when editing a multi picklist field


  • Fixed minor time formatting issue in approval history
  • Fixed some text overflow issues with long descriptions in search modals
  • Fixed UI issues for the recall change action
  • Addressed overly strict change control behavior when modifying the lifecycle phase multiple times within the same revision
  • Versioning feature on Item attachments now only considers attachments on that Item, not all files uploaded to Salesforce



  • Category of published items can now be changed to another category in the same lifecycle.  Requires superuser permission.
  • Revamped change approval and workflow:
    • Each approval step is now represented as a Phase record.
    • Each Phase can be set as an approval step and as a step that will release Affected Items.
    • Categories can now have a type of "Item" or "Change".  If set to "Change" the approval configuration is loaded when a Change is created.
    • When creating new changes, an appropriate Category should be selected
  • Added a visual indicator to show the progress in the approval process.
  • Change categories can now be set as "descriptive change", which will not create new revisions of affected items.  These can be used as simple versions of CAPAs ECRs, and similar objects.
  • Moved autonumbers to a separate, configurable object.  Multiple categories can share the same Autonumber.
  • New "Related" tab on Item and Change pages. Any related list added to the respective page layouts will appear in this tab.
  • Field sets and page layouts are cached for improved page performance.  Caching can be cleared on the Propel Setup page or disabled with a custom setting.


  • BOM and AML search results resolve to the latest requested search results.
  • Fixed the last modified date format on the Item page.

1.73.1 - 1.73.2


  • Fixed a bug in 1.73 that prematurely released Changes
  • Fixed a bug on Item and Change creation for orgs that have Salesforce to Salesforce enabled


Known Issues

  • Autonumber object is only supported for Item categories
  • On Item Detail, Change Detail and Affected Item Detail pages, page performance is slow when editing fields.
  • When creating a change order with the new workflow process, the Status may not be set immediately. Wait two seconds and reload the page.

Installation Notes

  • Contact Propel support for configuration assistance with autonumber, ECR & CAPA features.

Propel Staff Notes

  • Execute scripts related to the following issue numbers to port and clean up data in customer orgs:
    • 1897 (Has Attachment on Change)
    • 1871 (De-duplicate Category records)
    • 2001 (New Category types)
    • 2030 (New Autonumber object)
    • 2106 (only required for orgs that installed 1.72)
  • Deploy default workflow process for new workflow (zip file attached here)

Installation Link: 1.73.2


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