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Release 1.67 - 1.68



  • Major refactor of UI components to increase maintainability
  • Continuation of asynchronous loading for improved performance
  • Approvers section on a Change now accepts public groups


  • Minor tweaks to improve user experience in search modals
  • Various minor fixes related to follow feature, BOM quantities, and field cleanup
  • Internet Explorer fixes related to attachments
  • Fixed a couple issues that were incorrectly requiring change approval
  • Fixed an issue where flattened BOM views were not displaying children of subassemblies
  • Addressed a couple issues with Change Cast Export

Install Link: 1.67 




  • Field cleanup on Assembly object
  • Now ignoring Propel custom permissions granted by profiles; change analyst capabilities must be added by permission sets.
  • Added date fields to Attachment object (Document__c)


  • Fixed cryptic error when publishing unedited items

Install Link: 1.68


Installation Notes

  • New components:
    • Lifecycle__c.Name_Unique__c (No new permissions needed)
    • Item__c.Revision__c (Permission Set update necessary)
  • Please delete the following fields:
    • Assembly__c.Has_Attachments__c
    • Assembly__c.On_Change_Order__c


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