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Navigate and Customize Tabs

Navigate Tabs

Tabs are setup by your admin as a default for all users

Basic Tabs:

  • Home: an overview that includes Chatter, Items to Approve, Tasks...etc.
  • Chatter: a collaboration tool where you can see the recent activities performed by you and your colleagues
  • Items: where the parts, assemblies, products, documents, or software live
  • Item Revisions: allows you to view and sort by item revision rather than just item.
  • Manufacturer Parts: see the manufacturer parts, mfr. part numbers, and mfrs
  • Changes: you can find ECO (Engineering Change Order), MCO (Manufacturer Change Order) here
  • Reports: a list of records (such as Items and Change Orders) that meet the criteria you define. It’s displayed in rows and columns, and can be filtered, grouped, or displayed in a graphical chart
  • Categories: see Item categories, such as capacitors, documents...etc. Each category is connected with a Lifecycle map. This is also where the admin configures the fields to include on the Items
  • Lifecycles: for the admin to create lifecycles and to configure how Items should behave in each phase
  • Propel Setup: for the admin to import data

Customize Tabs in Salesforce Classic

Click plus (+) icon at end of all tabs

Click Customize My Tabs 

Select Propel under Custom App to make changes to Propel App

View Available Tabs 

Use Add/Remove arrow buttons to add tabs you want to Selected Tabs on right column

Click Save

Navigating Tabs in Salesforce Lightning

Click App Launcher on top-left of page

Scroll to All Items

Click app name you want to view


Customizing tabs is not available in Lightning

Changing Default Landing Tab 

Enter Setup

Search "Apps" in the Quick Find box

Select Apps, then Edit next to Propel


Scroll to Default Landing Tab picklist and select the desired tab

Click Save

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