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Create Lifecycle Phases to Manage Item Change Control

Create Lifecycle

Go to Lifecycles tab or go to the App Launcher and select Lifecycles
Click New



Enter Name
Click Save

Configure Phases

Click Lifecycle name
Click New Phase 


Enter Phase Name and Order
Enter Phase Details
Select Item Default Change Control Behavior


Enter Phase Behavior, Edit Behavior, and Project-Only Behavior
Click Save or Save and New to create the next phase


Tip: Click Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_9.52.42_AM.pngfor explanations and examples of phase behaviors.

Note: Edit Allow Groups accepts a comma-separated list of public group API names, or the keyword Owner. Only the users in the public group are allowed, not any sub-groups or users in sub-groups. 

Assign Categories

  • Click New Category from the lifecycle page
  • OR: Go to Categories tab, edit category, and enter appropriate lifecycle phase

Add Category Fields for Required Fields

If any required fields were defined in the phase configuration, they must also be added to the Category fields.  Go to the category page, click Add in the Fields section, and enter the API name of the required field.


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