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Examples of Items:

  • Part
  • Assembly
  • Product
  • Document
  • Software

Items have Item Numbers and an assigned Category that is associated with a Lifecycle type. Changing or updating an Item follows the change control rules and the type of Lifecycle its category is in.


Items may contain sub-items. If sub-items or sub-assemblies also contain multiple items, then the top item or the top assembly contains a multi-level BOM (Bill of Materials), which is displayed as a table on the Item's page.


What you will find on the Items page:

  • Details - Item Number, Category, Description, Lifecycle Phase, Revision
  • BOM - Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturers - Approved Manufacturer List
  • Attachments - CAD files, documents, marketing materials or manuals

Additionally you will see...

  • Header - Item Number, Description, Lifecycle Phase and Category
  • Right Panel - Chatter, Activities, Where Used, Changes, Quality, History, Followers and Comliance


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