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Add Custom Fields to Item Tabs

Go to Setup

Search for Objects or choose Create > Objects 

Add fields to Item Details tab

  • Click Item Revision
  • Add to any relevant Field Set:
    • Item Details Tab - sets fields on Item page
    • Export - sets fields in export file
    • Affected Items - sets fields on affected items tab
  •  Assign to correct categories

Add fields to BOM tab

Fields from Item Details, BOM, Mfr. Part, and Mfr. Assembly (AML) can be added to the BOM table. If the field doesn't exist, create new custom fields on the Assembly object. Then, add field to Assembly Field Sets:

  • Default BOM View - add Item details and assembly fields to default BOM View
  • AML in BOM View - add Mfr. Part and MFr Assembly fields to view AML on BOM
  • Export  - sets BOM / Assembly fields to be exported
  • Where Used - sets BOM / Assembly fields to appear on Where Used Tab
  • Where Used Top - sets BOM / Assembly fields to appear on Top Parent Where Used Tab

Add fields to Manufacturers tab

There are 2 types of fields that can be added to Manufacturer Item, relationship fields controlled by the manufacturer item or manufacturer part fields.

To view Manufacturer Part fields, add the field to the Default AML View field set on the Manufacturer Item. If the field doesn't exist, create new custom fields first.

To add a relationship field, create new custom fields on Manufacturer Item object and add to any Field Sets where you want it to appear:

  • Default AML View - sets fields on Item AML page
  • AML in BOM View - sets fields on Item BOM page using Manufacturers view
  • Export - sets fields to be exported

Add fields to Attachments tab

Create new custom field on Attachment object and add to Default_ATT_View Field Set.

Go to Propel Setup and click Refresh Page Layouts.

Learn more about adding custom fields here.

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