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Installation and Setup

A. Propel Installation: Preparation

You can install Propel stand-alone or in an existing Salesforce instance. If you install in an existing instance, it must be at least Enterprise Edition with Chatter enabled.

An Administration license and familiarity with settings are required to perform this task.


Log out of all other Salesforce user accounts except the one you want to use to install Propel.


B. Install Managed Package

1. Install PropelPLM Managed Package with the URL specific to the release.

2. Choose Install for Admins Only


C. Enable Chatter

Propel uses Chatter to support approval process  

1. Go to Setup

2. Search for Chatter Settings or Customize > Chatter Settings

3. Click Edit

4. Check Enable, Allow Approvals, and any other settings preferred

5. Click Save


D. Load Approval Process via Workbench

You will need WorkBench Approval zip file to perform this task (at end of article)

1. Download zip file attachment (below, at the end of this article)

2. Go to:

3. Login with your org credentials (check agree to the T&C)

4. Go to Migration menu and choose Deploy

5. Upload file that you downloaded earlier

6. Choose Rollback on Error

7. Test Level: RunSpecificTests

    Run Test: QualityTest

8. Click Next and click Deploy

Note: Some production organizations may require running tests during the deployment.


E. Turn on Export

1. Go to Setup

2. Search Remote Site Settings

3. Click New Remote Site

Remote Site Name: Propel_Export

Remote Site URL:

Make sure Active is checked

Click Save

Users will now be able to export attachments


F. Assign Propel Application

1. Go to Setup

2. Go to Installed Packages

3. Select PropelPLM application

4. Click on Manage Licenses and Add Users


G. Assign Permission Sets

Users must be assigned one of the loaded Propel permission sets in order to see custom tabs  

1. Go to Setup

2. In the Quick Find box, search for Permission Sets (Under Administration, Users > Permission Sets)

3. Click on a permission set (like "Propel Everyone (Read Only)")

4. Click Manage Assignments

5. Click Add Assignments

6. Select the checkbox on the left-hand side of the user(s), then Assign

Standard users should have the permission sets “Propel Full Use” and "Propel Full Use - Custom Fields". Read Only users should have "Propel Everyone (Read Only)" and "Propel Everyone (Read Only) - Custom Fields".


H.  Recommended: Enable Lightning Experience (if current Salesforce customer, confirm this is ok)

  1. Choose Switch to Lightning Experience in top-header bar

3. On top-right of screen, go to gear icon and choose Setup Home

4. On left setup column, scroll to bottom and choose Lightning Experience

5. Scroll to bottom of window and confirm that Lightning Experience is Enabled

6. On top-left of screen, click App Launcher icon (nine dots)

7. Choose Propel



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