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Reporting in Salesforce Classic

Two ways to utilize Reports:

  • Use existing Reports in File Folders in left Pane
  • Create New customized report

To use existing Report:

  1. Click Reports tab
  2. Find Folder on left column (Example: "Propel Reports")
  3. Click report name 
  4. Click Customize button to modify
  5. Click Filters: Add and select Field Filter
  6. Enter filters and click OK
  7. Click Run Report
  8. Choose to save as same report or Save As new report



Reporting in Salesforce Lightning

Tip: If Reports is not on side navigation, go to App LauncherAll Items and click Reports.

  1. Go to Reports tab and click New Report
  2. Search for Items or Changes as a starting point or browse Other Reports
  3. Click Create
  4. Click Filters: Add and select Field Filter
  5. Enter filters and click OK
  6. Click Run Report
  7. Save as same report or Save As new report

Pending Approvals for Changes Report

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Administrative Reports
  3. Click All Pending Approval Requests
  4. Click Run Report

Note: Users need "View All Data" system privilege to run this report.


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