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Propel Summer ‘17 Release Notes


Approval Workflow

  • Required fields on Change or Quality can be set based on workflow status
  • Skip a phase in a workflow based on criteria
  • Add multiple approver groups to the same approval phase and define unanimous and first response approval settings for each group
  • Phase-based notifications on lifecycles that allow administrators to define who receives emails when a change enters a specific phase
  • Add additional approvers to a Change after entering a phase
  • Use the Salesforce1 mobile app to review and approve change orders (app must be enabled by your Salesforce Administrator)
  • Approvers will be directed to the Change page when they click on a Change from the “Items to Approve” list on the home page
  • Members of the Change Analyst Group can delete ECOs owned by anyone
  • When an approval is moved backwards in a workflow, it is reset


  • Relate quality and change records to each other and clone a quality record into a change with it's affected items

Item and BOM Enhancements

  • Improvements to copy and paste functionality in BOM and Manufacturer tables
  • Edit Assembly fields on the “With Manufacturer’s” view
  • “Override Business Rules” permission set allows you to edit released revisions from the Item page, delete released revisions of Items, and add or delete assemblies tied to released revisions
  • Suggested revision names will be auto-generated when a revision is created
  • “Add to BOM” button is an option on the Item list view page
  • Create fields based on the value of data entered into previous fields
  • Multiple instances of the same item are supported on a BOM
  • Search with multiple keywords to add items to a BOM or add multiple affected items to a Change
  • Roll up numeric values in custom fields
  • Display Item Thumbnails on the Item list and BOM table


  • New share action enabling users to share Changes records


  • Export the BOM view, columns, and filters exactly as you see them on the screen into a CSV file
  • Add only behavior so you can Add items to a BOM and AML without having the full BOM and AML information
  • Export past item revisions
  • New Item Report displaying BOM in Parent-Child format
  • New attachment export action on item that will export all attachments including BOM and AML
  • New action on Item attachments to download all attachments on that item

Cost Rollup

  • Warn users when cost allocation exceeds 100%
  • Edit Cost on AML tab

Project Launch

  • Project page displays a full list of Activities associated to the project
  • Activity Status field will be updated when field for “Completed” is checked
  • Ability to print Timeline View

Document Control and Attachments (Requires service hours for configuration)

  • Propel fields can be merged into a predefined Word template that will generate a PDF report
  • Automatically update a Word document with Change/Quality record information
  • Link your files in Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Google Drive to Salesforce Files so all users in your org can access the files in Salesforce when they are added as an attachment to Item, Change, or Quality
  • Document watermarking capability
  • Add a custom action to Item, Change, and Quality action menu to generate a PDF

General UX and UI Enhancements

  • "Super User" permission set has been renamed to "Override Business Rules"
  • De-activate a Category so that it can’t be used to create new Item, Change, and Quality records
  • Added a "Close Date" (Date/Time) on Quality and Change objects
  • Removed item thumbnails from the attachment table
  • Ability to collapse page layout section headers on Propel pages
  • When an Item's Manufacturer Part has an attachment “Has Attachments" checkbox will be checked and the "attachment dot" will appear on the BOM
  • Improved Item page load response time 30%
  • When using the Checkin/Checkout capability you can lock item attachments from from being updated when they are checked out


  • When description fields are too long in the import file an error message displays "The 'Description' field needs to be 260 or fewer characters."
  • Attachments can be added and removed without saving between actions
  • Manufacturer part attachments download correctly from the Item’s Attachment’s tab
  • When two users are creating new items at the same time the autonumber will automatically advance and no longer show an error message
  • Icon for expanded view in “With Manufacturers” view on BOM now points down as expected
  • When items are deleted from a BOM, and new items are added, the “Has BOM” flag is now setting correctly
  • BOM filters line up correctly
  • Adding a new AML to the Manufacturers tab on the Item page with a required field picklist will default to the first value in the list if no field is chosen


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